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8 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly on Campus

A lot of people are now turning to a more eco-friendly lifestyle because of the state of our planet. By doing a few of these things, you too can reduce your carbon footprint a ton.


1. Turn it off

A lot of people don’t think of something so simple as turning off lights as being more eco-friendly. Flipping off the light switch when you leave a room or turning off your TV when you’re not watching it can really impact your carbon footprint.

2. Recycle

Almost everything can be recycled, so the next time you go to throw something in the garbage, think about whether you can recycle it. If you know you go through a lot of aluminum cans, you could be recycling them and even making a little profit from it.

3. Cut out plastic

Almost everything you buy for temporary uses includes plastic. Even things like using a bar of soap instead of body wash could be a great way to cut out plastic. Another great way to cut out plastic is to use a canvas bag for shopping instead of plastic bags. Usually, you do have to buy the canvas bag, but if you buy a few once you will have them for every grocery trip after that. If you happen to forget your canvas bag, try to reuse your plastic bags in some way, like as small garbage can bags.

4. Switch to reusables

Switch out your daily products for more eco-friendly products, like a metal straw instead of the plastic throw-away ones you get at Starbucks. And when you have the time to eat in the restaurant instead of taking it to go, do it. Places like Noodles and Company will give you real bowls, cups, and utensils instead of plastic, which reduces tons of waste.

5. Shop at second-hand stores

Instead of spending tons of money on new clothing, try shopping at your local thrift shop. Not only will you be saving tons of cash buying secondhand, but you will also be reducing waste and pollution.

6. Spend money on quality items

While it may hurt your bank account more at one time, buying a higher quality item at a higher price is worth it most of the time. By purchasing a higher quality item, you won’t have to replace it as often, which then reduces waste.

7. Walk or take the bus

If you are able to take public transportation or walk to your destination, do it! Reducing the amount of time you spend in the car can really reduce your carbon footprint.

8. Use less paper

One of the great things about technology is that it reduces the amount of paper we use at school. Gone are the days where we have to print our ten-page research paper. You may not think that you print a ton of things off, but when you multiply it by how many students at this school alone it’s amazing!


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