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7 ‘Unofficial’ Rules For Unofficial

Unofficial is only days away! Whether you’re new to campus or an Unofficial veteran, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind this weekend to stay safe and have fun. 

Avoid bars if you’re under 21.

Seriously, just don’t go. On Unofficial weekend, some on-campus bars revoke their 19+ rule. Besides the fact that none of your underage friends will be able to get in, if you *do* happen to find your way into a bar, you can bet there will be police raids throughout the weekend. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Invest in green gear.

We know, a green sweatshirt with an image of some kind of U of I/meme mashup will be ridiculously expensive. But trust us when we say it’s worth it. If you’re ever going to invest in Illinois spiritwear, Unofficial is the time to do it (at least you will be promoting an activity our school is *actually* good at.)

Pace yourself.

Whether you start at a party, a bar, or in your own bedroom, be careful with your alcohol intake (no, your mom didn’t have anything to do with this one). Seriously, just don’t over do it. You will be hopping from apartments to frat houses and will likely lose track of how much you had to drink. Blacking out won’t be fun for you or anyone around you.

Don’t invite visitors.

It’s just a lot more of a hassle than it’s worth. Visitors usually see this weekend as a free-for-all, which means you will be their babysitter. Not to mention, a lot of dorms and apartments prohibit visitors from staying on their property this weekend, resulting in hefty fines or disciplinary measures.

Seriously, don’t try to go to class drunk.

So you have your mandatory 10 a.m. that you *have* to go to. You’re thinking you’ll just have a few drinks before to make lecture a little more interesting… right? Wrong. A lot of professors will warn against drinking in class, and some even take off points if they catch you breaking their rule. Just wait the extra hour and catch up with your friends later, because Econ 102 really isn’t more fun with booze involved.

Get out of the dorms.

This is NOT the weekend to try and sneak a handle into your mini fridge. R.A.s are told to search through rooms to make sure underage tenants don’t have alcohol on the property, and generally speaking, are less than forgiving if they actually find some.

Watch your drinks… especially today.

With the influx of visitors on campus this weekend, your party scene won’t just be your usual friend group. Keep your drink covered, and never leave it alone. There will be enough booze around to get yourself a new one, anyway!


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