7 Fall Date Ideas

It's cuffing season ladies — with the weather cooling down, your love life is heating up! Here are some cute fall date ideas to spice up your regular date schedules.

1. Apple Orchard 

It's a little basic, but who doesn't love an apple orchard in the fall? It's a great place to take some cute Instagram photos to add some fall vibes to your feed. A pumpkin patch, gift shop, and yummy baked goods are a day's worth of activities all in one place.

2. Haunted House

Going to a haunted house is the perfect way to stick a little closer to your significant other while you make your way through the house. Sometimes it's fun to get a good scare, and Halloween is the best time to do it.

3. Scary Movie Marathon

Pick all of your favorite scary or Halloween-themed movies, make some popcorn, and cuddle up. You can even make classic Halloween sugar cookies as a sweet snack to much on while you try not to scream too loud at the scary scenes. 

4. Pumpkin Carving

Carving pumpkins is a great way to chill and get to know your significant other through casual conversations. Make it a friendly competition and see who can make the best jack-o-lantern.

5. Make Dinner Together

When it starts getting cold outside, coming home to a nice, home-cooked meal can make you feel warm inside. Search for recipes that appeal to you and your significant other and attempt to make dinner for a date night inside. Pop open a bottle of wine, sit back, and enjoy the meal you created together.

6. Nature Walk

It's a beautiful time of the year with the leaves changing and the weather cooling down. Find a nice nature trail and take a stroll with your significant other, and pick up some hot chocolate on the way. Enjoy the beauty that fall has to offer.

7. Coffee House Study Date

It's midterm season — sometimes you and your significant other don't have time to set up a nice date. Find a time on the weekend when you both need to get some work done and check out your favorite coffee shop. It's a great way to hang out and spend time together but still be productive and fit a date into your busy lifestyles.


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