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6 Things to Plan Before Visiting Friends at Other Colleges

Many college students love experiencing other schools by visiting their friends over breaks and weekends. It is always a treat to explore the food places, bars, ancient buildings and even dorming styles which may not be offered at your college. While the visit can be entertaining, there are a few things to keep in mind before heading over to those neighboring schools!

1. Confirm the stay is okay.

Usually close friends will approve your visit, but make sure whoever they live with is fine with it, too. It’s never fun finding out someone is sleeping in your living space after the visitor arrives. For this reason, have your friends double check with their roommates before coming!

2. Take the time to pack.

Most people tend to forget about the smaller items, like a toothbrush or deodorant, when packing the night before. Make sure you remember to bring both clothing and personal items so you can avoid the awkward conversation of asking a friend to borrow theirs. Especially if you are using a car as the transportation method, it will be easier to overpack than to borrow or buy once you arrive.

3. Budget properly.

I get it – many of us are on a budget during our college years. However, if you plan to visit another school with only $20 in your bank account, it might not be the smartest idea. You are a guest, but that should not mean you take advantage of the host. Plan on spending some money on food, some on going out, and add a little extra for the coffee you’ll crave upon waking up the next day!

4. Try to go with friends from your college.

Although this may not always be possible, traveling with friends who attend the same college as you can be safer and more convenient than going solo. If traveling by car, you won’t be alone in case of an accident on the road. Going on a roadtrip can be really fun with the right people and the right music!

5. Find a reliable ride.

Whether it be a car, bus, train, or plane, make sure you have a reliable ride to get you to and from your desired destination. If you need to have an ID or a ticket ready, do it ahead of time in order to avoid and reduce conflict closer to departing. Also, out of respect, make sure to tell your friends when you are leaving so you don’t overstay your welcome!

6.  Make the most of it.

You are visiting for a reason, and part of this should be to explore the unique aspects of the campus! Whether it is an adventurous stay or one that is boring, try to make the most of it and remember to be grateful for reuniting with your friend!

Visiting other colleges to see your friends can be like a mini-vacation, but keep in mind that they are students too and their schedule should be prioritized first. Plan on their time, budget and pack appropriately, and lastly, try to have fun while you’re there!


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