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6 Reasons to Attend a Women’s Softball Game

As we return to school from our lovely Spring Break vacations and get ready to race to the finish line, we must not forget about the spring sports that are now in session. It’s important to support our fellow classmates and friends, as they give their all on the field. It is especially important to support women’s sports teams. According to CNN, Women’s teams are far less likely to be watched or covered, compared to men’s. The support start with us fans. We need to go out and enjoy these fun and competitive games that the players put on for us.
Amongst all the spring sports that are happening, we should get hyped for Illinois Women’s Softball team. Their B1G opener began on March 25, 2016. Be sure to check out their schedule and enjoy some games this season.  If you’ve never been to a game, here are a few reasons why it’s worth checking out.

1. They Bleed Orange and Blue: There’s nothing better than supporting your home team! This is your school, so take some pride in it.  When U of I’s athletic teams win, it makes us all proud to be an Illini. Last season, the women’s softball team won 10 out of 16 of their home games, so it’s a good bet that you will see a victory when you attend.

2. They practice extremely hard: Our student athletes work incredibly hard because they love their school and they love the game. What better way to show appreciation for their hard work than to scream and support them from the sideline.

3. You can get a tan: Sitting outside in the sun may not be your favorite thing to do, but think of the positive. It’s a good way to get some Vitamin D and start building that summer glow. Make sure to wear some sunscreen!

4. The game is easy to understand: Even if you don’t know anything about sports, you’ll catch on quickly. Softball is similar to baseball, but it’s easier for your eyes to follow because of the bigger ball. You won’t have to spend time figuring out what’s going on, so you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the game!

5. Their uniforms are cute: If you’re more about shopping than sports, you can attend just to check out the wardrobe. Maybe it’s the orange and blue, or the cute helmet or visor, but the uniforms are flattering and so fun!

6. Girl power: As women, we must learn to support each other and work together. There’s no better feeling than to see the softball players cheering each other other on and working as a team. To show our support, we can cheer them on from the stands. According to Duke baseball player, Trent Swart, players get better when the crowd is louder. The more fans, the louder the crowd, the better the game. Get out there and support the Illini Women’s Softball team!

Photos Taken by Agata Oborka 
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