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In the midst of college life, exam craziness, and straight-up bad days, it’s important to take little breaks to regain your sanity! Here are 5 of my favorite YouTubers to watch, both in general and when I’m having an off, being-a-girl-is-hard day. I have full confidence these girls’ infectious smiles and personalities will have you feeling positive and empowered by the end of just one video.

1. Michelle Reed

Michelle is someone I came across a few summers ago that I’ve never stopped watching. Aside from having the absolute sweetest personality, she also lives a very unique college life. She attends school at The King’s College in New York City and studies business. Michelle vlogs her insanely trendy and classy outfits in almost every video since her school has a business casual dress code. Her videos and vlog channel contain a week in my life, what I eat in a day, and Q&A style videos. She’s very personable and openly speaks about her Christian faith, as well. 

2. Danielle Carolan

Danielle is one of the most hard-working girl bosses I’m subscribed to. She grew up in Florida and now goes to school at the University of Georgia. Her channel is a mix of fashion, beauty, and college lifestyle videos. She travels a ton during the summers with brands and her close friends, so she creates a lot of fun vlogs and her social media pages are practically vision boards. Danielle is always doing hauls from affordable clothing websites, which is great for us fellow college girls! She’s an all-around positive, kind-hearted, and relatable person. 

3. Reese Regan

I’ve been subscribed to Reese for forever. She creates a lot of video content about living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while away at school, as well as how she’s working on being independent as a college student. Reese studies advertising and psychology at Temple University and gives a great look into her busy and productive life of class and work. Her content consists of what I eat in a day, workout routine, and study-with-me type videos. If you’re into study tips and organization, she also has a personal blog she regularly posts on that is beautifully designed and full of well-written posts. 

4. Hannah Meloche

Hannah is a senior in high school from Michigan that has been highly successful thus far in her YouTube career. She travels all over with her best friends in the midst of her senior year of high school, documenting it all with cool editing and a chill background. Her content ranges from travel diaries to daily vlogs of her last year of high school. She spreads a message of happiness and positivity on her channel, as well as on all of her other social media pages. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts are great ones to follow for daily reminders of self-worth and loving life. 

5. Kailey Anderson

Kailey is a more recent find of mine that I discovered during my college video binge phase when I was a senior in high school. She currently attends American University in Washington, D.C., where she studies theater and goes on all kinds of city excursions with her friends. Kailey makes short and sweet videos all about adjusting to her life at a city school, lifestyle routines, and adventures with her friends at college. Her genuine personality and light-hearted, fun videos are sure to be a nice little break in any day. 


I highly recommend checking each of these channels out! These girls are extremely dedicated content creators, empowering to all women, and beautiful people inside and out. 


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