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5 Ways to Distract Yourself Post Breakup on Campus

Whether you like to admit it or not, breakups aren't easy for anyone, and everyone has their own way of coping. Here are some tips and tricks to distracting yourself on campus post break up rather than hibernating in your dorm room crying while binge-watching Dirty Dancing…

1. Gal time

I have found that one of the most important things post-breakup is to surround yourself with supportive people who understand the heartbreak you’re currently facing. They are willing to listen to you sob as well as comfort you during your time of need. Being alone, at least in my opinion, is a big "no" post-breakup because let's face it: we both know you will be less tempted to text your ex with your girls hovering over you. While it can be comforting to FaceTime loved ones from home, virtual hugs just aren't the same as having someone hold you in person. Send an SOS to some of your closest friends on campus and have a movie screening in your dorm room or even order a pizza.


You heard me: indulge a little! Go get some froyo at Cocomero Frozen Yogurt, because sweets never killed anybody. Or maybe getting your nails done is your thing (I strongly recommend Lovely Nails on campus). Whatever it is, treat yourself! A little splurge now and then is always justified. Take yourself on a little date. Maybe it's to see a movie at the Art Theater, or to get coffee at Espresso Royale. Whatever it happens to be...TREAT YO SELF!

3. No phone, no problem

Curl up on a couch in the Union or at the bookstore with a good read. It will help you lose complete track of time. I strongly recommend I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones. Just because your heart may feel a bit broken doesn't mean your mind is. I have always found books to be a great distraction from social media, so turn that phone off and give yourself a little TLC by escaping into a book. Shutting your phone off will help with that "mind over matter" mentality so you won't be tempted to see what your ex is up to.

4. Nature

There are some seriously cool art exhibits at the Krannert that you could spend hours looking at. Go out, look around, and be open minded. Plus, the artwork could inspire you enough to distract you for a bit. I also recommend being outside because - even while the weather might be frigid - nature can be quite soothing. You could even take a day trip to Kickapoo park and do a nature trail. This is a great way to get a break from your phone and it will help you get back in touch with yourself.

5. Let’s get physical

Go out and distract yourself, whether it be shopping at Apricot Lane, going out for bottomless mimosas at Joe's, bowling at the Union, or getting a good cardio workout in at the ARC. Do something active so that you take your mind off of what is currently going on. It will also be a lot of fun to have some time to bond with friends.

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Siena Pieruccini is currently a senior at UIUC, she is a currently double majoring in Political Science and Communication. When she isn't back home in Chicago downing coffee or binge-watching Vice she can be found editing her own Youtube videos and planning her next exotic excursion. Siena is passionate about perusing a career in politics as well as being the ultimate #girlboss and advocating for change. Follow her on Instagram @sienapie or Youtube @sienapievlogs.
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