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5 Things You Did as a Kid That Still Apply Now

We’ve all had moments that have made us think, “I’m too old for this.”  Whether or not that thought was justified in the context of the situation is neither here nor there; what matters is that we get better at recognizing when to hold on and when to move on.  When comparing childhood to young adulthood, there are definitely certain aspects of childhood that we’ve grown out of or no longer find interesting.  But there are also certain things that will always be enjoyable, things from childhood that can still apply to our college selves.  Check out this list of 5 activities that you most likely enjoyed as a kid and can still enjoy now.


Markers and colored pencils and crayons, oh my!  Grab a coloring book and your coloring utensils of choice, find a comfy spot, and color away.  Whether or not you stay inside the lines has no affect on the value of your work–you’re not aiming for perfection.  Rather, let yourself take pleasure in the process without thinking too much about the outcome.  Use this activity as a calming creative experience for when you need an outlet. 

Finger painting

Who says finger painting is just for preschoolers?  If you’re down and in need of a fun pick-me-up, or you simply want to get your hands dirty, finger painting is the way to go.  You know you can’t resist that feeling of goopy paint on your hands and smudging everywhere.  Don’t forget your smock!     


Doing puzzles is a great way to practice concentration and patience without being graded or assessed.  Spend a couple days tackling a 1000-piecer or spend less than 10 minutes on something small.  The win-win: your brain gets some visual-spatial exercise and you get the sweet satisfaction of having brought the separate parts back together.  Elementary, my dear Watson!

Blowing Bubbles

Oh, the simple joy of bubbles.  It might not be easy to remember the very first time you saw, popped, or blew a bubble from the bubble liquid (who really knows what to call it?), but it was probably magical.  Iridescent and light as air, bubbles can always put a smile on someone’s face. 

Playing Tag

Tag.  The most classic game of all time and arguably the most versatile.  (Freeze tag or flashlight tag, anyone?)  Of all the activities listed, this one might be the most likely to induce “are you serious?” or “I’m too out of shape for this” from your friends if you suggest it.  But 1) you’d be surprised how many 20-somethings are hankering for a good game of tag and 2) who cares if you feel silly or aren’t as fast as your 5-year-old self?  Because in the end nothing beats being able to say, “Tag, you’re it!”

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Elli Wills

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