5 Songs For Spring

Spring calls for walking to class in the warm weather instead of taking the bus. With more relaxing days spent outside, you'll need a new playlist that fits with the new season. Here are five songs that will remind you of spring:

1. "Fallin' All In You" - Shawn Mendes

This sweet song of Shawn Mendes singing about the little moments he has with his lover and how she has changed him will remind you of the warm sun and grassy fields. Listen to this on your walk to class this spring, and you'll be in a good mood all day long.

2. "Paris in the Rain" - Lauv 

Lauv's dreamy voice in this light, playful song will make you think about happy times in nice weather. Although the title and lyrics contain the word "rain," the spring vibes of the melody will make you want to go for a long drive through the cornfields with the windows down.

3. "Lights Down Low" - MAX

The soothing acoustics in the beginning of this song and the buildup of instrumentals to the chorus will get you in a cheerful spring mood. MAX's song "Lights Down Low" is the perfect tune to listen to when the weather turns warm.

4. "Talk" - Khalid, Disclosure

This collaboration between Khalid and Disclosure about defining a relationship has a catchy, delicate rhythm that goes well with the spring weather. Talk about love with Khalid and get your mind in spring mode!

5. "Honesty" - Pink Sweat$

"Honesty" by Pink Sweat$ is more laid back and mellow, but it still has calming acoustics and stunning vocals that will get you in your spring feels. The lyrics are about falling in love, despite being afraid to, and what's more fitting than falling in love for the spring season?


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