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5 Songs to Add to Your Sweater Weather Playlist

As trees strip their vibrant leaves, the weather turns cold, clocks turn back and our sweaters are welcomed back into our wardrobe. The winter months are moving full speed ahead, and what we learned this October in Champaign is that the fall weather is no match for the blistering winter ahead. There is no need to fret, however, as this article will provide you with the perfect sweater weather playlist to ignite that internal heater in your soul, perfect for a night-in near the fireplace and some hot chocolate in hand. 

1. Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

Despite its name, this song does not revolve around the weather itself. Instead, it is more of a longing love song that happens to take place during the colder months. The speaker begs his significant other to stay inside where it is warmer as he sings “it’s too cold for you here and now, so let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater.” The Neighbourhood gives each of their songs an eerie, unsettling twist with a noticeable, lustful hunger in their lyrics. In the winter, everyone longs for a significant other to keep them warm, but in the meantime, this song will do just that.

2. Lost Cause by Beck

This beautiful acoustic ballad is sure to calm those nerves and create a mellow atmosphere. Although the lyrics are kind of sad, it comes with a beautiful message. This song is about letting go of a troublesome relationship. With the prevelance of cuffing season during the cold, winter months, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to be alone and let go of what hurts you. Beck’s soft, sedated vocals are quite comforting, especially during the chorus and the acoustic guitar matched with the soft graze of the drum makes this song is a perfect addition to your playlist. 

3. Dinner and Diatribes by Hozier

Time for a more fast-paced hit on that playlist of yours. This song by Hozier is sure to radiate the beat in your chest. From the first guitar riff, this song screams alternative rock n’ roll. Hozier is a talented songwriter and tells a wonderful story in each of his songs. This song in particular touches on the firery hold a girl has on him and he explains that “this is the kind of love [he’s] been dreaming of.” After the last two sad songs I provided for your sweater weather playlist, this song will give you a jolt from the get-go, causing you to burn your tongue on your hot chocolate…in a good way of course.

4. Can’t You See by The Marshall Tucker Band

Every alternative rock song like Dinner and Diatribes needs a country rock counterpart like this one. Something interesting to note is the flute introduction played by Jerry Eubanks. The flute adds wonders to its original recording. If one were to just listen to the chorus, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking this is a love song, “can’t you see oh can’t you see, what that woman lord she been doin’ to me.” Sounds cute, right? Wrong. This song is actually about a man who tries to get as far away from that woman as possible, reflecting his heartache and his desire to be off on his own. Despite the dark lyrics, the southern, folky vibes are sure to make you want to sing along. 

5. You by The 1975

Like The Neighbourhood, The 1975 has an eerie and bizarre musical make-up with poetic lyrical tendencies. This song in particular is almost ten minutes long. The first five minutes consists of one song with beautiful guitar-pop melodies and lyrics that depict trouble in paradise. At minute 4:45, there is a long pause of complete silence before easing into a completely new, fast-paced tune at minute 7:35. The vocals are echoey, almost as if they were recorded in a shower, matched with a fun, upbeat guitar riff during the chorus. This song can literally fit every single mood in ten minutes and is perfect as your sweater weather finale.

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Micayla Shevlin

Illinois '21

Micayla is a junior at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign. She is currently an Advertising major and has loved writing short stories and poetry ever since she was little.
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