5 Sentimental Gifts with Low Price Tags

Are you struggling to get gifts this holiday season? There are birthdays, graduations, and celebratory events every month…the list never ends. Your wallet may be suffering, but it doesn't have to. Below are a few ways to show your gratitude for others through giving great gifts with great price tags!

1. Print and frame a picture.

Whenever my friends and I go out, we always take pictures. The ones worth social media posts are also worth being framed. Most local drug stores offer printing at a low price, and craft stores often provide deals for frames. Not only will the receiver of this gift be happy with their newest room decoration, but they will also appreciate the efforts you took to create it.

2. Design a “coupon” book.

Growing up, kids learn what make their family members happy. A small notebook can be bought at a local convenience store, and filled with one “coupon” per page. For example, “pick up dinner” or “clean the dishes” can be offered. In this way, the present will last for a while and the person who gets this book will enjoy using these small favors on their lazy days!

3. Write letters that correlate with their age.

While this idea is both personal and sentimental, it may be convenient when gifting a younger friend. For example, if a younger sibling is turning 14, write 14 letters and instruct them to open each one on a different occasion. It could be “open when sad” or “open when feeling unmotivated." The friend who receives this gift will be grateful, especially during lonely nights.

4. Create a jar of memories.

For this gift, all you need is a mason jar and ripped up pieces of paper. Begin by brainstorming a few memories and writing them down on the pieces of paper. Fold each piece in half and place it in the jar. The jar can be decorated or personalized with paint or stickers, or simply wrapped with a ribbon. Leave room for additional memories, as the person who receives this gift may want to add a few of their own. In a few years, both of you can look back and reminisce on times that should not be forgotten!

5. Turn cards into reasons for loving.

To design this, you will need a hole-puncher, a deck of cards, and a Sharpie. Label the first card of the deck as "52 Reasons Why I Love You". After you finish writing down a new reason on each card, hole-punch them twice and tie a ribbon through both holes to hold the cards together. When the person you love needs a confidence booster, they will now have 52 reminders of how special they are!


Sentimental gifts are wonderful for many occasions, and never fail to impress those who receive them. Whether it be during this holiday season or later on in the year, the people who love you most will appreciate your effort regardless of the price tag on the gift!


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