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The snow is finally melting away and the birds are starting to sing their sweet melodies again. The sun decides to rise up a little earlier and stay up for a bit longer. People slowly switch out their heavy winter jackets for coats and cardigans because spring is just around the corner. Get yourself in a good mood with these five movies that remind me of springtime!

1. Eat, pray, love

Eat, Pray, Love follows a woman (Julia Roberts) that decides to take on a journey of self-discovery. This movie will put you in a nostalgic mood and might make you reflect on your life a bit more than a funny rom-com would. I think this is a must-watch, especially for young people in their twenties!

2. 10 things i hate about you

10 Things I Hate About You is a perfect teenage rom-com for springtime. Two completely opposite teenagers find themselves falling for each other. Just in time, because their prom is right around the corner! A classic that will melt even the grumpiest hearts. And that heartbreaking poem scene? Oh, don’t even get me started on that…

3. clueless

A rich and spoiled Cher (Alicia Silverstone) sees herself as a matchmaker. She decides to give a complete makeover to a clumsy new student, Tai (Brittany Murphy). But when Tai becomes more popular than Cher, the rich girl realizes that there’s more to life than just beauty and nice clothes. I’m sure you will also desire to have the same automated closet as Cher after watching Clueless. At least I know I have always wanted one! “Ugh! As, if!”

4. you’ve got mail

Two people start to fall for each other, hiding behind the screens of their computers. Little do they know that in real life, they are each other’s biggest business rivals. This movie is a simple romantic comedy with a great soundtrack. The ending scene filled with beautiful flowers screams “SPRINGTIME” at everyone’s faces! A must-watch!

5. Mean girls

Who doesn’t know Mean Girls and the iconic scene where Regina George gets run over by a bus? A homeschooled teenager, Cady (Lindsay Lohan) is forced to move across the globe and attend a public high school. What can go wrong? Well, a lot of things! Especially once Cady finds herself falling for a guy that used to date the Queen Bee of the most popular group in her school — a group that Cady is now also a part of. This movie is mature but hilarious at the same time. It raises some important topics in terms of friendship and your own identity. And it has a spring-themed prom!

Spring is the perfect time for fresh beginnings and discovering new things. Try that new restaurant your friend told you about and buy that cute sweater you have been eyeing. And after all of that, sit down and enjoy this spring movie marathon!

Liv Barwinska

Illinois '24

Hi! I was the previous VP of Editorial for the Illinois chapter and I majored in Journalism. Writing has always been a big part of my life and Her Campus allowed me to follow my passion, while being surrounded by amazing and supportive girls. These past two years with HC have been incredible and I'll forever be grateful for my time here. Go Illini! All the love, Liv xx