5 Healthy, Delicious Snacks to Grab for a Busy School Day

With school back in full swing, healthy snacking can be bit challenging. Here are 5 quick and easy portable snack ideas that can save you this semester!

Mixed Nuts

Mixed nuts are a delicious and filling snack for on the go. Many brands sell their mixed nuts packaged individually so you can grab a pack quickly before you run out and head to class. The individually packaged portions are also the perfect serving size, which saves time with a busy schedule and prevents overeating. They are sold in both sweet and savory flavors at many local convenience stores.

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are always a healthy and quick option for a snack during class or between classes. For example, apples, baby carrots, bananas and cucumbers are all tasty and easy snacks to choose. There are many varieties of both fruits and vegetables that are easy to bring on the go. If you want to excite your vegetable or fruit snack option, pack some hummus or peanut butter as well. Although this takes a little extra preparation, it makes this a tastier and more filling option. Choosing fruits and vegetables as snacks for a busy day allows you to get your five servings in without having to think much about it!  

Quest Bars

Quest bars are the perfect high-protein, low-carb snack! These bars are sold individually as well as in boxes of 12. Quest Bars come in a variety of many different flavors which allows for options! If you want to get innovative with your Quest bar snack, you can put them in the microwave (if you have access to one during a day on the go) for 15-30 seconds to get a gooey, cookie-like texture. These bars are sold at most grocery stores and provide a lot of nutritional value.


Both Greek yogurt and plain yogurt are healthy and fast choices that help you get through your day! Yogurt provides help with digestion and bone health. It's also full of probiotics, which help your intestines stay healthy. Yogurt also allows for you to get creative with your snack---adding granola, fruit or honey enhances the flavor of the yogurt and lets you stay full for a longer period of time!


Popcorn is always a smart option for a snack on the go. With many different popcorn brands and flavors, it's a healthy option that can easily satisfy a craving for salty food. Brands like Skinny Pop and BOOMCHICKAPOP are usually gluten-free, low calorie, and don't contain artificial ingredients and additives like microwave popcorn. You can find individually packaged bags of popcorn sold at most stores such as Walgreens, CVS, as well as at local grocery stores. 


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