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5 Great Apps To Help You Save Money

Let’s face it, between student loans and weekly specials at the bar, us college kids are forced to adopt the stereotype of being cheap or broke most of the time. Sticking to a strict budget can be hard so here are a few hand apps to channel your inner Cardi B and make some money moves, or at least something like that. 


Hooked is a fantastic app that allows you to check for temporary local restaurant deals and offers around campus. All you need to do it get to the destination within the time frame that the deal is available and click the “Get hooked” button before showing the cashier. 


Groupon is a widely popular app used to get deals on just about anything from food to facials. You can simply search, purchase and redeem groupons directly from your mobile phone. This app allows you to save an insane amount of money on things like vacations too, so next time you’re planning your spring break trip without breaking the bank, make sure you check out their offers. 


If you’re an avid online shopper, you know that one of the biggest bummers are those shipping fees especially if you just want to purchase one or two small items. Often times, on sites like Sephora there are a multitude of different sales and offers going on that you may not be aware of instantly. RetailMeNot helps you find those as they are armed with tons of amazing coupons, shopping deals and discounts that will surely save you a few dollars the next time you’re at checkout. 


They say ignorance is bliss, but that can quickly take a turn towards an FML moment when your bank sends you an overdraft fee. About a third of young adults are too scared to actually check their bank accounts, a very real fear I too can attest too. Just when you think you’ve been pretty good with your money, you get hit with the where did it all go and did I really spend $5 on a coffee or was it really necessary to get that sweater in all those colors?! While mint doesn’t let you save money, it helps in how you spend it by managing you money and helping you keep track of any bills that need paying. 


Many textbooks come with hefty price tags and are huge budget busters that drain your wallet. If you don’t want to be stuck eating ramen for a month straight after paying two hundred dollars for that one math textbook that you’ll probably never use, be sure to check out Chegg. There are plenty of other alternative for this app such as Amazon or book renter, but Chegg additionally has a tutor and course review feature along with its book rental services. You can also use it to sell old used textbooks. 

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