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The 5 feelings We Go Through When Watching This Is Us

**This may be a spoiler alert for any fans who are not yet caught up! This Is Us has stolen the hearts of so many of its viewers and it is next to impossible to not shed a tear at every episode! 

1. Happiness

While This Is Us does have a lot of sad moments, there are certain points that are happy and give all of its viewers a big smile. Watching the way the family interacts warms everyone’s heart and aspires us to be like them. 

2. Grief

It is hard not to go through the stages of grief when watching the most recent episodes. Watching the family go through Jack’s death makes it almost impossible to hold back from sobbing. The only uplifting thing is to watch them work through it together as a family. 

3. Stress

It has been a long 2 seasons of watching the family go through their ups and downs. There is constantly something going on from Jack’s death to Kate’s miscarriage and everything in between and it is definitely not good for our blood pressure. 

4. Nostalgia

The flashbacks of the family’s past gives us all a sense of nostalgia. Seeing Jack work through the family issues and keeping his family in tact makes us all yearn for more scenes of the family’s past. ​

5. Suspension 

We waited 32 to episodes to finally see the day that Jack dies. This suspense has kept us on the edge of our seats throughout every episode. Our suspension continues as we now wait to see what the future holds for the Pearson family. 

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