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5 Champaign Restaurants Great For Summer

With summer right around the corner, it’s obviously important to know the go-to eateries in Champaign. Whether you’re a local, a student, or a visitor, Champaign has some great summer spots you must check out!

1. Oberweis/ That Burger Joint 

This just in: Oberweis recently opened on Neil Street, and it’s connected to a super-trendy burger joint. It is a must-go, especially during the summer. Who doesn’t love ice cream and burgers on an 80 degree day? 

2. Seven Saints

Besides having a large menu full of burgers and lots more, they also have two very large outdoor seating areas which are perfect for a summer night out. Also very good for #datenight. 

3. Jarlings 

Jarling’s isn’t technically a restaurant, but they have amazing ice cream and custard. The outside seating is large and super cute, so you can enjoy your malt while sitting on a rustic park bench or table…I think yes! 

4. Miga 

Miga is a bit upscale, but their front porch patio seating is super cute and vibey, especially on a summer weekend night out. This truly is one of C-U’s must-go restaurants. I HIGHLY recommend the fries here—they’re heavenly!

5. Big Grove Tavern

Besides a large, yummy menu, this place has got all things summer going on. Located in the center of downtown Champaign, Big Grove has a huge front section fully lit up for outdoor dining. It’s totally Insta-worthy! 

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