5 Beauty Products You Need

Makeup can make a big difference in your appearance.  You will impress your boss, your group members, your teachers, and probably that by you have always had a crush on.  I have been using makeup for as long as I can remember.  I splurge on some things and save on a lot.  I will tell you why I like them and why you need to get them.

1. Tinted Moisturizer

This product will make your skin even!  It can be thrown on in 30 seconds.  It also moisturizes your skin.  Now you have one product that adds some color and moisture that is applied in just one easy step and your skin will be glowing and hydrated.

2. Concealer

I wear this under my eyes!  As a college girl, we have some dark circles.  You can brighten up under your eyes and you will look renewed.  No more dreary eyes and looking scary.  Just add it under your eyes and dab it in for an even sheen.

3. Mascara

There is no need for eyeshadow.  Just adding some mascara will also help get rid of your sleepy morning eyes  It is crazy what just one brush of mascara can do to your eyes.  They pop and look a little bigger.

4. Blush

Another great way to add some color to your skin!  You just need one swipe on the top of each cheek bone.  Pick the pigment that you want and it will have you looking healthy and flirty.  You can also do a swipe on your forehead and nose in the winter.  Sometimes we really need some extra color.

5. Translucent Setting Powder

After using these quick make up products in the morning, you want it to last all day.  I started using this product recently and it really does keep your make up in one place all day.  It also helps take the oil out of your skin if you find yourself looking shiny throughout the day!

Make sure you grab these 5 beauty products and use them all in the morning.  You will be looking beautiful, healthy, alert, and flawless for anything that comes your way.

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