4 Ways to Stay Motivated Through the End of the Semester

That dreaded second semester slump is in full swing for me right now, and I know I can’t be alone in feeling this way. It’s that feeling of sadness that spring break is over, yet excitement because nicer weather and summertime is quickly approaching. However, I have lots of underlying stress thinking about some of the most important and stressful weeks coming up - finals, projects and much more. I have a couple of ways that I have re-energized and motivated myself to power through the end of the semester!

1. Switch up your routine 

I’m definitely a creature of habit- I love having a set routine because it adds structure and security to my day. However, recently I’ve been changing up my schedule to add an element of surprise into my schedule instead of doing the same old, same old. For example, I found a different go-to study spot, have a new coffee order and even take different routes to get to class. I have come to realize that it’s the little things that make my day more exciting and motivating. 

2. Treat yourself 

This is a tip that I always get and tend to overlook, but sometimes it's extremely necessary. Find small (and hopefully budget-friendly) ways to treat yourself throughout the week. For me, that means getting an iced coffee, making time to watch my favorite movie or even something as simple as taking a well-deserved nap.  No matter what treating yourself means to you, we could all majorly benefit from some TLC. 

3. Create lots of little goals

Nothing is more motivating than feeling accomplished, right? That’s why I try to set a couple of small, attainable goals throughout my week! Instead of making complicated long-term goals, focus on coming up with simple, realistic goals for the nearby future. You’ll be surprised how great and motivated you’ll feel from achieving even the smallest of your goals.

4. Make your health and well being a priority 

Sleep, hydration, exercise and self-care; these are all things students tend to skip out on during stressful times in the semester. I know when I’m feeling sleep deprived, I have absolutely no motivation to work hard because I feel so run down. I have also noticed that when I workout, drink enough water and eat well, I have much more energy and became more mentally alert in class. Therefore, setting time aside each day to focus on bettering yourself mentally and physically is crucial to powering through to the end of the semester happily and successfully.

Pro-tip: Get outside! Take advantage of the spring weather - do your homework on the quad, take a walk or run across campus and tan at the ARC pool!


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