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4 Ways to Save Money on Spring Break

Spring break can be a great excuse to relax, have fun with friends and get your tan in. However, it can be difficult to fit everything in a college budget. Here are four easy ways to have the time of your life for a more affordable price. 

1. Drive to your destination 

Flights can be hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Save yourself some extra cash by driving to your spring break destination. Make it fun by piling your friends in, listening to good music and taking in the scenery. You’ll be there before you know it! 

2. Bring your own food 

Dining out can be incredibly expensive, especially at popular spring break destinations. Bring your own food or go to the local grocery store to save money on your meals. Make an experience of it by making a new recipe that you’ve never tried before! 

3. Stay with a friend 

If you’re visiting a friend, make accomadations to stay with them if possible. Hotel and rental prices are hiked up around spring break and it’s easy to save hundreds of dollars by nixing one all together. 

4. Staycation 

If you’re not going anywhere for spring break, be a tourist in your own city. Grab some friends and explore some parts of your city that you’ve never been to before. You may learn more than you think!


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