4 Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

If you are anything like me, social media tends to play a key role in the products I buy, the clothes I wear, and overall lifestyle that I live. Therefore, I love looking at fashion and lifestyle bloggers who have great taste and awesome products and suggestions to use. In order to see these things, you have to follow the right people. So, here are five of my favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers, who all happen to be moms on Instagram who recommend top products, sell the cutest clothes, and post the cutest pictures to inspire your everyday life!

1. Cara Loren (@caraloren

Cara Loren is truly a mother and blogger that does it all. From fashion to fitness, she posts great content. Not only does she have three of the cutest kids, but she has her own shop as well. All of her clothing items are very unique, cute, and affordable. 

2. Amber Fillerup (@amberfillerup)

This beauty specializes in hair and braids. She posts tutorials on her blogs, and the looks are beyond amazing. She also posts the cutest pictures of her three children.  

3. Krista Horton (@krista.horton)

Is anyone else a sucker for mother-daughter matching outfit pics? Krista posts the cutest pictures with both of her children, but her pictures with her daughter, Kolly, are to die for. She also posts lots of the clothing she gets from Vici Dolls, and she has a discount code in her bio!

4. Christine Andrew (@hellofashionblog)

Stepmother to two and mother to one little boy (with one on the way!), Christine shows the cutest content, from presets to clothes, on her Instagram. If you are interested in house design, she also just started another account for her recently-built house which can be find in her bio. You can follow her blog or shop her presets on her page!

Pro Tip:

If you get the LIKEtoKNOW.it app, you can follow these accounts and shop their styles from their pictures! All of these bloggers, except for Krista Horton, have accounts on the app which makes it so much easier to buy the products!


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