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As the leaves begin to change and the air begins to cool, it’s time we get ourselves into the autumn spirit by bringing the season into our homes! I mean… what better way to celebrate? Continue reading for three simple autumn decoration ideas that will transform your living space!

Make a centerpiece

You can mix and match some decorative items for a visually pleasing display at the center of your dining table. Find some fall foliage and arrange it to create a base for your centerpiece (or maybe a backdrop, if you prefer to have it on a shelf or against the wall somewhere). Let some branches drape over the sides for a natural look. I recommend adding some candles or fairy lights to the mixture for a warm, mood-enhancing glow. You can get small battery-powered fairy lights and flameless candles for fairly cheap!

Experiment with miniature gourds/pumpkins 

You can find plenty of miniature gourds and pumpkins for cheap at your local grocery store, pumpkin patch, farmer’s market or you can even order them online. In my opinion, miniature pumpkins and gourds look best in groups. You can arrange them in some festive fall containers, display them on your porch, and make them into a garland or wreath… the possibilities are endless. One thing I like to do is paint them with some fun fall-themed designs or patterns. Look up some ideas on Pinterest or get creative! It’s a unique accent to add to your home and it could make a very fun holiday tradition for your friends and family. It’s something I have started doing in recent years and I really enjoy it!

buy some Autumn themed pillows/blankets

Decorative throw pillows and blankets make such a big difference. Swapping out your existing pillows and throws for fall and autumn-themed ones is a simple and cheap way to update your decor for the season. It also adds a seasonal aesthetic while complimenting the furniture you already have in your home. Go to TJ Maxx, Target, or any other store with reasonably-priced home decor. See if you can find any pillows or blankets with warm fall colors such as red, orange, or yellow. Maybe you’ll even find some with cute Halloween-themed designs like jack-o-lanterns or broomsticks! Arrange these on your couch, chair, and bed to add some extra coziness to your living space. 

Fall offers lots of inspiration for transforming your ordinary home into a festive one. These fun fall decoration ideas will help you celebrate the beauty of the season. Whatever you prefer to decorate with, each choice brings you one step closer to creating a warm and welcoming home. So, let your imagination run wild and let the colors, scents, and textures of fall fill your home with the fall spirit. Happy decorating!

Lauren Cravens

Illinois '25