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21 Reasons To Be Thankful You Attend U Of I

‘Tis the season of giving and also being thankful, so why not discuss the many reasons to be happy thatyou’re a student at The prestigious University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.
1. You’re likely to already know someone who goes here. 
Most of us know or at least have seen one student on this campus before because it’s a popular state school and many students here are from Illinois. You’re bound to see someone from your former high school that you didn’t really speak to, or someone who went to your high school’s rival school. 
2. The U of I is known internationally
Everyone knows of U of I. We are ranked nationally for programs like engineering, etc. This is why we have so many international students. 
3. Being at U of I is better than being on your parent’s couch.
4. The parties here are awesome.
Pretty self-explanatory. Why stay at home and mooch of your parents when you can be learning and having fun at U of I. This is the reason students from other schools come here to party. We’re not on the top 5 party schools list for no reason. 
5. Unofficial
It gets crazy!
6. You can meet and interact with a diverse community.
There’s tons of people from different backgrounds, races, cultures, ethnicities, etc.
“It’s diverse to a certain aspect.” Said Marley Jackson.
7. There’s always an event or program going on.
There’s always programs going on in the union. [Illinites, random performances, W.O.R.D]
8. It’s the only school you got accepted to.
Let’s be honest, some people only came here because they didn’t get into that their other B1G 10 choice.
9. Close to home, if you’re from the Midwest
It’s just a bus or train ride away.
10. It’s cheaper, if you’re an Illinois resident
11. Cute engineers
Tuition is cheaper than going to an out of state school for Illinois residents. Smart and intelligent guys are always a plus.
12. You can find a potential husband
Freshman Kennedy Harris said there were a lot of potential husbands around if you came here for a MRS. Degree. 
13. Late-night library hours
Nichelle Johnson said that this might seem normal, but after taking classes at community colleges, this became “very important.” 
14. It’s a friendly and safe environment.
Despite all of the Illini Alerts, the campus is pretty safe. 
15. We go hard for the holidays
No one goes out for outfits and costumes like we do. Freshman Ronald Oliver said, “U of I takes Halloween very seriously.” 
16. We support our football team even though they lose… a lot. 
We Bleed Orange and Blue. Win or Lose. 
17. There are Illinois alum everywhere
This is definitely great for networking. You have connections just for being a student and/or alumni at U of I. 
18. Beautiful campus
There’s no campus like it. It’s even beautiful during the cold winter months.
19. You can get into the bars at 19!
People come from other schools and are like “wtf?” “How?” U of I’s just cool like that. 
20. Green Street
It’s a great place to go. It’s like Beale St. to college students. If you ever need a laugh go on Green st. on a Friday or Saturday night. The drunk people are hilarious.
21. Free Gym Membership
This may seem unimportant but once you have to pay for membership, the ARC and CRCE will be missed.
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