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10 Ways to Start Saving for Summer

With summer rapidly approaching, and our bank accounts quickly dwindling, now is the time to begin saving so you’re not completely broke once summer starts. Here’s 10 easy ways to start penny pinching before summer.

1. Every time you receive a paycheck (if you’re getting a paycheck) make sure you’re putting a designated amount (one fourth is a good starting point) of it into your savings account. That way, you’re not blowing all of your paychecks.

2. Instead of spending precious cash on unnecessary luxuries, like getting your nails done, start getting in the habit of doing your nails yourself. Or, make your roommate paint your nails.

3. When you’re eating out, order water instead of a soda or lemonade. This way, you’re saving a few dollars that can really add up.

4. Instead of ordering all of your clothes online, try to borrow from your friends for special events such as formal, date functions, socials, etc. This helps you avoid buying something new that you might only wear once.

5. If your parents come to visit, make sure to fully take advantage of this opportunity. Have them take you to a grocery store and buy as much food as they’re willing to pay for. Also, run errands for necessities that your parents feel guilty for not paying for typically.

6. Stock up on food from a nearby grocery store and purchase “drunk snacks” like frozen pizza, microwaveable mac ‘n cheese or cereal. This can save you some cash that you’d typically spend on drunken food on Green Street.

7. Instead of going to see a movie at nighttime, go to a morning show because they can be up to fifty percent cheaper.

8. Plan pre-games with your friends and share alcohol so you won’t have to spend as much money on drinks once you get to the bar.

9. Take full advantage of free resources given to you from the university. Instead of blowing money on gas, which (lets face it) is super costly, take public transportation more.

10. Download food apps such as GrubHub, EatCU or Hooked and look up daily deals if you want to eat out. Sometimes you can save some money by taking advantage of the specials they offer. 


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