10 Tips for Pulling an All-Nighter

When college hits you with everything all at once, it may feel like there is only one option to successfully move forward in life: stay up all night. While it is not an ideal decision, learning to attack an all-nighter the right way can make this experience much less stressful than it needs to be.

1. Try your best to be well-rested throughout the day.

If the all-nighter is planned, sleeping early the night before is an effective way to prepare your brain and body for the following night. Taking a nap during the day will also help keep you refreshed and alert.

2. Make a delicious cup of coffee.

Brewing up a hot, fresh cup of coffee will excite both your taste buds and your brain cells. If coffee isn’t your thing, tea is a wonderful alternative for that caffeine boost you’ll most likely need.

3. Find a room with bright lighting.

When a teacher turns off the lights for a movie, most of us get sleepy. It’s natural. If you want to tackle your pile of work efficiently, it’s smart to find a quiet, illuminated place to study.

4. Say goodbye to your phone.

Yes, that cute person from your class is texting you. Of course, people are posting on social media. There’s also the group chat notifications that are continuously popping up on your phone screen. Put your phone away! Turn it off, leave it in another room, or just place it face down. The boy can wait, social media can wait, and so can the people in the group chat - the deadlines for your assignments may not be as forgiving.

5. Be kind to your stomach.

Is that a grumble? Probably - it’s snack time. Try to avoid sugary snacks and focus on healthy alternatives. Apples with peanut butter, nuts, or even some crackers will keep you from being distracted by your hunger.

6. Take power naps if needed.

While it’s not easy to sleep halfway through studying, taking a 20-30 minute power nap can do wonders. If you find yourself drifting off, try to rest for a short period of time. Heavy sleepers beware: it’s extremely difficult to wake up when napping in the late hours!

7. Turn the temperature down.

The cold, winter months are brutal, but so is trying to stay alert in a heated room. I would recommend finding a cooler area to study, as warm temperatures may induce slight drowsiness.

8. Start a solo dance party.

Everyone has experienced the moment when no further information is being retained. You may be feeling a bit frustrated, or simply exhausted from staring at your computer screen all night. This is the time you can pull out your phone, put in headphones, and start dancing. Play a feel-good song and move around! It’ll wake you up while putting you in a better mood, guaranteed.

9. Hop in the shower.

If a few snacks and a quick dance party isn’t doing it for you, consider taking a shower. Although it may seem otherwise, the splashing of water and the outfit change after will wake you up. The longer you wait, the more refreshed you’ll feel.

10. Stay hydrated.

Push through the soda and juice cravings in order to avoid a sugar crash. Remembering to drink water is important, especially since you may get distracted with all the work. All-nighters are tough, but being dehydrated is tougher. Drink lots of water and your body will thank you later!

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