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10 Things To Do at Home This Spring Break

Even if you aren’t headed to the beach this spring break you don’t have to spend the week scrolling through your social media, jealous of all of your friends on the beach. There are tons of fun things you can still do when you’re headed back to your hometown for the week.

1. Spend time with your family

Your family misses you! Spend some time this week hanging out with your parents – even if it might seem lame, it’ll mean the world to them and you know you miss them too.

2. Make some extra money

While some of your friends are off spending a bunch of money at the beach, you could be making some extra cash. Try calling up your old summer job or babysitting for a few days while you’re back home.

3. Catch up on your sleep

When you’re at school, it seems you are never caught up on sleep. Take some time this week to get back on track and try to get eight hours (or more) every night!

4. Work ahead on homework

Who says you can’t do some school work on break? If you know you’re going to have a busy week coming up after break, knock an assignment or two out of the way now – you will thank yourself later.

5. Plan a day trip with friends from home

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t take a day trip! Grab some friends that are home too and explore your hometown or a surrounding town as a tourist. You never know how much fun it could be.

6. Read for fun

Trying to read casually can be hard when you have tons of readings to do every week at school. Cuddle up with a cup of coffee or tea and read that book you have been meaning to pick up for a while.

7. Enjoy a spa day

Who says you still can’t get pampered even if you’re not headed to the beach? Take your little sister or mom to the nail salon to get mani/pedis or facials so you’ll be glowing when you get back to school.

8. Organize your room at home

Every time I go back home I find more and more stuff that I saved from high school that I don’t need or use anymore, which includes a lot of clothing. Going through your closet can not only clear up some space, but you can also sell some old clothing for some cash!

9. Learn something new or create

Spend the day learning that cake recipe that your grandma always makes. Not only will you get some great baking skills, but it will be a memory you will always have. And if baking isn’t your thing, try making something new, like a canvas, for your room.

10. RELAX!

You have a week off school –  take that time to de-stress in any way that YOU want!


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