10 Packing Tips for Spring Break

Spring break is almost here and for many people that means traveling. If you are anything like me, packing can be a tedious task that often results in too many clothes, a lack of organization, and an overall mess of attire, jewelry, and the necessities. So, in order to prevent that from happening this spring break, here are ten helpful tips to make sure that your suitcase is organized and ready to go for your next adventure!

1. Make a Packing List

In order to make sure that you don’t overpack, it is essential to make a packing list. While making it, make sure that you are picky and extra stringent on what clothing and how much to bring. Most likely, when you actually start packing you are going to go overboard with how much you bring. So, to somewhat prevent that, it is crucial to be picky with your packing list.

2. Roll, Don’t Fold

This technique is a real space saver. You will not only be more organized, but you can save room for the shopping that you are most likely going to do on your trip!

3. Pack Essentials & One Change of Clothes on Carry-on

As much as we all want to believe that our luggage will never get lost, it is a reality that may be hard to accept. In order to be prepared for any mishap, it is always better to be safe and pack all of your essential products and one extra change of clothes in your carry-on.

4. Separate Liquids

Packing your liquid products can always be a little tricky. The best technique is to purchase little plastic bottles that have a tight seal to prevent any of your products from spilling in your suitcase. 

5. Dryer Sheets

To avoid items in your suitcase from smelling while you travel, stick some dryer sheets throughout your suitcase!

6. Leave Space

As much as we tell ourselves that we aren’t going to spend any money on shopping while traveling, we need to face reality. It is going to happen! For this reason, it is crucial to leave space to make room for all those extra items that will be coming home with you.

7. Tissue Paper to Avoid Wrinkling

Folding your shirts and pants with a piece of tissue paper in the middle can reduce wrinkling!

8. You Need Less Than You Think

Forget all the “but I might want this if we do this” or “I will bring it just in case.” You do not need it. If you aren’t sure you are going to wear it when you pack it, you most likely are not going to wear it when you get there.

9. Pack by Outfit

In order to pack smart, it is a really good idea to pack by outfit. This can prevent bringing any tops or bottoms that don’t have something that will match with it.

10. Jewelry Packing

How annoying is it when you pack all of your jewelry and by the time you get there it is all knotted together in one big mess? In order to avoid this, put each jewelry item that can tangle in separate jewelry bags or plastic bags. 


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