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10-Minute Makeup Routine for Busy Mornings

It’s about that time in the semester where everyone is just about over it – and by “it” i mean everything. Alarms drag you out of bed minutes before you need to be sitting in lecture and coffee barely works its usual magic anymore. That being said, this is the perfect time to simplify your everyday makeup routine to make the early mornings a whole lot easier on yourself. So, here’s an autumn-ready, streamlined makeup routine for those days you’re running late and just aren’t feeling the whole “getting ready and looking like a presentable human” thing. 


Step 1: Moisturizer 

Moisturizing is so important, and so is SPF. Whether it’s hot as heck summer or brutally cold winter, the sun can still do damage to your skin if it’s not properly protected. The CeraVe Ultra-Light Face Lotion with SPF 30 is lightweight and gives your skin a healthy glow underneath the rest of your makeup. 


Step 2: Concealer 

My dark circles are always poppin’ so I like to cover them up on the daily as much as I can. The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is perfect because it feels really light, but still provides really good coverage. Like the whole rest of the world, I also use the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer sometimes if I’m feeling especially tired that day. I swear by the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush to blend out concealer anywhere on your face! 


Step 3: Powder 

I have combination skin so powder is essential for my t-zone. I love the Covergirl Professional Loose Powder because 1. it’s really cheap and 2. it’s mattifies and gives a little bit more coverage if that’s what you like or feel you need. To apply it, I love the Sephora Collection Magnet Powder Brush for even, light application that still allows your skin to glow underneath. 


Step 4: Blush 

Blush is great because it not only revives my entire being, but also adds a little more life back into my face, too! I like the Sephora Colorful Face Powders because they have a nice sheen to them. You don’t waste time with highlighter, but still get the best of both worlds. 


Step 5: Mascara 

I don’t think any drugstore mascara can top my favorite of all time – the L’Oreal Telescopic in Carbon Black. It has a thinner, watery consistency and does a great job at lengthening your lashes. One coat does the trick for a simple everyday look, and two will thicken lashes even more. I’ve used this one for years and love the way it makes my lashes look. 


Step 6: Lips 

Lip balm is always important, but especially in the upcoming winter months! Aquaphor Lip Repair is all I use to revive dry, cracked lips from the brutal winter weather. Plus, it’s super cheap for a pack of two at Target (everyone’s favorite place!). I sometimes use the Tarte Glossy Lip Paints on top to add a brighter look to my whole face. They add great color, but don’t feel sticky at all! 


I hope this helps you feel a little bit more put together on those busy mornings. I’m all about making makeup as fun and easy as possible! 


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