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The 10 Lies He Swears Are True

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.


College men are awesome; they provide the funniest commentary during lecture, they throw the best parties and they are on the fast track to success in the professional world. However, many of them are still young and immature and the majority of them have one thing on their mind, especially on a night out. As Collegiate individuals, we have all fallen victim to their lines, and, sometimes, we mistake their raging hormones for sincerity. The following is a compilation of some of the most frequently used lies that they swear are the truth.


“I really like you.”

Unless you have been talking to him over an extended period of time, you should take this line with a grain of salt. It’s easy to really hit it off with someone, especially if there is alcohol involved. With that said, see how he feels in the morning.


“I respect that you want to wait.”

Seriously, though. It’s been approximately 15 minutes since the last time he’s asked. If you’ve known each other for two hours, that is an eighth of your relationship, which, if you think about it, is a long time to wait. See? It makes perfect sense if you use the right logic.


“You can trust me.”

If you don’t know more than his name, year in school, major and the same fun fact he uses on every other Collegiate to get a conversation going, you cannot and should not trust him. It’s as simple as that.


“I want whatever you want.”

This is, perhaps, the most obvious red flag. No, he does not want to date you. And no, he does not want you to call him “Snookums” in front of his friends. He wants whatever is going to get him a little action, but he knows that as long as he has you believing that you’re getting what you want, he will get what he wants.


“You’re the only girl I’m talking to.”

Unless you have had the “Exclusive Talk,” there’s a good chance he’s seeing other girls, but he doesn’t want you to feel weird about it. He’s playing the field every bit as much as you are, and unless you both agree to start getting serious, you shouldn’t assume that you are the only girl in his life.


“I won’t tell anyone.”

Boys talk. Sometimes they’re even bigger gossips than we are. Whatever happens between the two of you will remain between you, him and all of his friends.


“I’m still going to text you tomorrow.”

Except he conveniently forgot to save your number. And if your number did find its way into his phone, you somehow went from introducing yourself as “Sarah” to him knowing you as “Girl at Party” to him saving your number as “Firk St Paart.”


“You are the most beautiful girl on campus.”

You should not be comparing yourself to others, and neither should he. We are all beautiful, amazing women in our own way, and this line is a lie purely because there is no single definition of beauty. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and a man who is looking to compare you to others is not a man worth having.


“I really think we have a future together.”

This one might not actually be a lie. Most college men are not thinking past the next five minutes, so as long as you don’t have the be out of there in two, then yes, he definitely sees you in his future.


“That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

Just like that orgasm of yours was real—It’s okay, nobody said we were always honest, either.