Your Guide to Watterson Dining Commons

When going away to college for the first time or even the last time, one's major concern is food and eating the right amount of food during the day. Of course there are healthy choices at the grocery stores or restaurants, but many people just automatically sign up for meal plans since the dining hall is in the same building as the dorm. Luckily for ISU students, Watterson Dining Commons is about a one minute walk to the quad, making it the closest dining center for everyone to eat at. Don't believe all of the rumors you hear about dining center foods, Watty's selection is pretty tasty amongst many others. The venues inside the dining center include: Homestyle, a wok station, Burritos etc., Fresh Bites, Gluten Friendly Flavors, Grill, Pizza and Pasta, Salad Bar, Deli Bar and the bakery, making it a popular place.

Although, you may not know which foods are the best to feast on, I have tried almost all of the venues and these are the foods I have compiled that take the cake:

  1. Popcorn Chicken -Make sure to beat the lines by checking ahead for this day, since many take advantage of this rare delicious food item when servedvia Google images
  2. Mac and Cheese -Cheesy, but not too cheesy and getting a helping of this will definitely keep you full for the entire dayvia Google images
  3. Cheese Quesadilla- Fan favorite that everyone cannot get over, probably because of how it melts right in your mouthvia Google images
  4. Golden Broccoli Cheese Soup- Reminds me of Panera Broccoli Cheddar, but has just a bit different taste that you have to try for yourselfvia Google images
  5. Cajun Stuffed Peppers- Healthy and scrumptious choice for lunch or dinner, perfectly filled with the right amount of flavorvia Google images

**Make sure you visit the venue hours here: to see when  each station serves food, especially these yummy hits.