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You Aren’t The Only One Feeling Like An Imposter

What is the deal with imposter syndrome?

Trying to fit in and find your place in college feels hard enough, but it feels even harder when it seems as though you are not good enough to be there. It’s extremely easy to feel lonely as a first-year student, even if you happen to be surrounded by thousands of other students. Unfortunately, loneliness tends to breed comparison, even more so in the age of social media. Seeing others appear to be thriving, however fake their stories or high their grades may be, is upsetting and isolating. Luckily, you aren’t alone at all.

the Imposter Syndrome Phenomenon

Put simply, imposter syndrome is feelings of overall self-doubt and incompetence despite one’s success and accomplishments. Essentially, people with imposter syndrome tend to think they are not as smart or as talented as they are, especially when it comes to academics or other skills, and think everyone is better than them. However, we tend to be our own worst critics and underestimate our own intelligence. When it seems like everyone has it together, you may feel like you’re the odd one out, but there are things you can do to challenge that mindset.

Let go of perfectionisM

  • It’s easy to fall into the trap that everything you do needs to be perfect in order to feel worthy. However, mistakes, missed deadlines and procrastination happens. Everyone—and I mean everyone—has these mishaps. Learn to give yourself grace.

Understand your value

  • Remember that your ideas, thoughts and perspectives are important simply because they belong to you. You can praise others for their accomplishments, but don’t diminish your own in the process. Since imposter syndrome feeds off of comparison, keep yourself in check by recognizing your own success, too.

Accept your success

  • Your accomplishments occur due to your own intelligence and due diligence not pure luck. Know that you work hard and have earned your success! Many times, imposter syndrome is rooted in feeling like a failure, but remind yourself you are far from that. It is okay to be confident.

Remember that you are not alone in feeling like an imposter or unworthy of your success, because the very people you compare yourself to may be feeling the same way. Be kind to yourself and learn to take pride in your accomplishments. After all, you deserve it.

Emma Julian

Illinois State '25

Hi! My name is Emma and I am a freshman at Illinois State! I am majoring in English Education and absoultely love writing. I enjoy writing about mental health, fashion, lifestyle, and pop culture. I am so happy to be part of Her Campus! Feel free to follow my instagram: emmarosee13
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