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Marion Woodman, author of Coming Home to Myself: Reflection’s for Nurturing a Woman’s Body and Soul, wrote, “this is your body, your greatest gift, pregnant with wisdom you do not hear, grief you thought was forgotten, and joy you have never known.” Today, it is easy for us to pick ourselves a part and restrict ourselves of the foods we love. Hopefully, this guide will help you improve your relationship with your body. 


Stop comparing yourself to others

The most important thing to realize is social media is unrealistic. People only post the best pictures they have, and they only post the highlights of their life. All the imperfect moments are left out. New apps like VSCO and Facetune allow people to edit their pictures to their liking. You can blur out that pimple or slim down that leg. Society has created this standard of beauty that is impossible to reach. Women spend their lives trying to achieve this standard, and it is sad because they never stop and take the time to see how beautiful they already are. Comparing yourself to others is the most toxic habit you can get into. You will never see the beauty you already possess, and you will waste your time trying to change yourself. 

Point Out What You Love 

That’s right get naked! One of the most therapeutic activities you can participate in is standing naked in front of the mirror and stating what you love about yourself. This forces you to find the uniqueness and beauty that you have. While it may seem silly, affirmations are known for their subconscious healing. Treating your body with kindness can make the biggest difference in your happiness and mental health. It isn’t always easy. As humans, it is natural for us to have insecurities. However, it is how we handle those insecure feelings that affects us. 

You are not alone

Everyone gets insecure. While it is easy to feel like you are the only one, you are not! Don’t keep your feelings bottled up. Talk about your feelings with someone you feel comfortable with. Sometimes, all you need is a nice, long chat. 


Girl, you are beautiful, and you are defined by so much more than your physical appearance. You are smart, funny, creative, determined, and more! So, wear that crop top, rock that bikini, and love yourself, because you are pretty great. 


Annabelle Short

Illinois State '22

Hi! My name is Annabelle Short, and I am a 20 year old public relations student at Illinois State! I love being creative in my daily life. Some of my hobbies include painting, singing, reading, and journaling! I am passionate about my writing, and I am so excited to share that with you all!
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