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Women posing with speaker representing organization
Women posing with speaker representing organization
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Women-based organizations at Illinois State University

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois State chapter.

Illinois State University has a wide variety of registered student organizations (RSOs) that are completely women-based. Organized by women, planned by women and run by women. How empowering is that? Scroll to read about a few of the amazing women-based organizations that exist right here on campus.

  1. Association for Women in Communications

The Association for Women in Communications (AWC) combines professional development, volunteer opportunities and socials to give all members a well-rounded experience to succeed and create connections that will last a lifetime. In addition to the ISU student chapter, there is a Bloomington-Normal chapter and a national chapter at large. The AWC organization, though communication-based, accepts all majors/minors, all genders and all ages. Their weekly meetings consist of bringing in speakers, engaging in workshops, and holding socials. AWC will be holding their first “philanthropy week” on April 18-21 where they will be tabling on the quad and in Fell Hall to collect donations for their hygiene and raise funds for YWCA’s Labyrinth.

2. Women in Business

Women in Business (WIB) has a vision to become the leading group of women at Illinois State University through personal and professional development. They strive to uphold an elite status on campus, where women gather to empower one another. In addition to this, WIB works proactively to prepare for and educate its members on current workplace trends. They strive to empower members to seek involvement in the community and opportunities for growth. It is their goal to assist one another to develop the confidence needed to become successful individuals.

3. Women in Technology

Women in Technology (WIT) has a goal of promoting the interest and enrollment of women in technology-based majors and careers. They want to improve members’ professional skills and further support those who are underrepresented in the technology-based fields. At WIT, they bring in speakers to talk about their companies, how to build a career and the impact that women have in technology. WIT is all about building the community around supporting women in technology. By doing this, they are doing their part to build and support the future of an equal-gender-represented technology career field.

4. Women’s History Club

Women’s History Club seeks to recognize and celebrate empowered women throughout world history. They are open to anyone and everyone who are interested in women’s history. They plan to provide a platform to expand knowledge in a fun environment. They meet monthly and often have women professors from liberal arts departments discuss various topics regarding women’s history.

5. Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance

The Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance (AFWA) inspired to empower women in the accounting and finance fields to achieve their full potential and to contribute to their profession. They create opportunities for members to connect with professionals, host educational events including their financial literacy program and book club and they offer an abundance of leadership opportunities.

6. Ladies Of Virtue and Excellence

Ladies Of Virtue and Excellence (LOVE) is a female mentoring organization that builds a safe space for women on ISU’s campus to help unite with and support one another during their new journeys. They empower young women to become the best versions of themselves mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually and especially academically. They do this through different events, gatherings and work performed in the community at Illinois State University.

7. Black Girl Code

The Black Girl Code organization has a purpose to empower the female minority on Illinois State University’s campus. They have a goal to take notice of the social injustices that are happening to Black American women all over while simultaneously establishing a relationship between Black girls on and off-campus. Their end-of-the-year banquet is coming up on April 15th. It is a formal attire event located in the Brown Ballroom.

8. Her Campus

Wow…best for last…just kidding! Her Campus is the organization that allows me to make this article possible! Her Campus is the #1 media site for collegiate women. The ISU chapter aims to give women at ISU articles and stories that they can relate to. They explore a variety of article topics including go-to beauty brands, fashion trends, relationship tips, and all things college women at ISU want to know. Her Campus is here to make your life easier by being real with you at all times. They encourage, inspire, and celebrate. They provide no judgment, only real talk.

To discover more ISU women-based organizations, or more organizations in general, head over to Redbird Life to search for something that interests you!

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