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Winter Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

It is officially the time of year when you have to move your winter clothes in place of where the summer clothes are, and that includes every single winter item needed in order to gear up while facing the harsh cold weather. Sad, we know. You may think that you have everything you need to bundle up in before going outside, but turns out you’re most likely missing a few essentials. If you want to tackle the upcoming chilly season in the most comfortable way, you’re going to have to change up your variety of winter must-haves. Not just talking about adding an extra pair of boots or gloves to the wardrobe, even though they would be a great purchase; we’re here to tell you about the most sensible accessories that you didn’t know you needed, well until now.

Wool Socks

Recently, people have forgotten just how important these types of socks are. Ditch the sporty and thin fashion socks and put on wool ones to keep your feet dry and opposite of frozen.

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Toe Wamers

Along with keeping your feet toasty, your toes need some love and affection during the winter. This extra layer of warmth will make sure that none of the cold chill will get into any pair of your shoes.

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A pair of cozy legwarmers always manages to come in handy, even if you don’t intend on doing a physical fitness class. Why not have an additional knitted thickness to your legs?

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Faux Fur Lined Leggings

Having pants that are comfortably nice and go with everything is pretty rare, but look no further than these faux fur leggings. Cute and soft? They’re a given for this upcoming winter season.

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Pom Pom Beanie

Anything and everything helps to look fashionable during those lifeless cold days, which is why this pom-pom beanie gives you extra style points while covering you from the snow and wind.

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Bluetooth Earmuffs

It’s definitely a hassle to listen to music in the bitter temperature while preventing frostbitten ears, but having trendy Bluetooth earmuffs solves this dilemma. You’ll appreciate playing your favorite songs with no worry while your ears appreciate you!

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Sleeved Scarf

A scarf that covers the entire top half of your upper body sounds amazing, and something you definitely need to stock up on for when it’s too chilly outside.

via Merry Ferris website

Women’s Purrl Stitch Gaiter

Sometimes having to constantly wrap a scarf around your neck gets a bit aggravating, so replacing that scarf can be a light, yet warm gaiter instead. It’s a stylish and easy way to maintain your body’s heat during the day or night.

via The North Face website

Insulated Shirt

Staying warm is not only about gathering layers on to layers, but finding another simple way, such as purchasing a single heat-retaining shirt, saves you from going crazy. It keeps the cold out!

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Arm warmers

So now we’ve got head, neck, torso, and even toes bundled up—so why are the forearms forgotten when it’s beyond freezing out? We can’t not include arm warmers to the closet of winter accessories.

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Weatherproof Bag

Along with everything that has been mentioned to protect your body, your devices and other personal items must be protected too. It’s almost a requirement to have a weatherproof bag, since you never know what kind of weather you’ll be stuck in for a longer period of time.

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Stay warm and protect every part of your body with the most useful winter gear that you now know you need!

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