Why You Should Write for Her Campus Illinois State

Want to join an RSO? Love being surrounded by inspiring women? Have a knack for writing? If your answer is yes, we want you to apply to be a contributing writer for Her Campus at Illinois State!


Freshman year I was sitting at my sorority’s new member meeting and an older member came to speak to us about Her Campus. She explained that it was an online magazine for collegiate women to write articles published for students to read around campus. I’ve always had that knack for writing, but I would never say I’m a “writing god.” After the meeting, I applied. Why? I’m not sure to be fully honest. None of my friends did. Maybe it was because I was a freshman and just wanted to be involved in something on campus. Or maybe because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Whatever the case may be, I got accepted! And man, was I pumped!


I started my journey with Her Campus slowly as I wrote a few Campus Profile articles about my friends here and there-- nothing too crazy or creative. As meetings went by, I got more and more creative and that’s when I wrote one of my most successful articles “Alternative Winter Boots Other Than Uggs.” I genuinely had a blast writing it. From then on, I was on a roll! I grew as a writer and eventually applied for the Events Director position on the executive board which I now happily hold. This will be my 3rd year writing for Her Campus and I am truly blessed for where it has taken me and the rest of our team. Without Her Campus, I wouldn’t have met the rest of the lovely ladies that make this group so rewarding to be a part of. I love watching everyone grow as writers and accomplish the unthinkable.


So, if my story hasn’t made you consider applying, I asked the rest of our team why they love Her Campus and why you should join. These are their responses:


I love HC because it creates a safe space for young women to express themselves!”- Chloe


“I love HC because it's a creative way for me to express myself through writing!” – Alyse


“You should join HC because it's a place where you can freely create alongside strong and unique female writers while also connecting with the campus in a special way. It's given me a voice, a passion, and a lot of fun!” – Katie


“ Her Campus holds a special place in my heart because it was one of the first things I became involved in on campus and since joining, has offered me so many friendships as well as a place where I can speak my mind and let my thoughts flow in a creative way that reaches and impacts others.” – Alyssa


“Working with people who are such passionate and talented writers makes me determined to push myself to become better” – Morgan


“The HC community welcomed my thoughts and ideas and broadens my writing abilities to areas a lot of other writing positions don't!” – Arielle


“Because it was an awesome talking point in post grad interviews!!!” – Julie


“I love Her Campus because I am able to pursue my passion for writing while receiving the rewarding feeling of my peers relating to my articles in return. HC is such a great way to express myself and watch my writing, leadership and confidence skills grow!” – Whitney


“Her Campus has given me connections with women that I don't even talk to on a normal basis.. and it's all because of writing. It's allowed me to share thoughts and ideas and realize that I'm not alone with most of the crazy things that run through my head.” - Mallory


Applications are now open through FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16! We look forward to writing with you!