Why the World Loves Adele

Hello, it’s her. She’s been blowing up your news feed, your eardrums, and maybe even your car from being played excessively on the radio. Adele is back and better than ever with her long awaited third album, “25" just released on November 20, 2015. Considering how her last album “21” performed, the expectations are high for this one. “21” went #1 in 30 countries, stayed at the top of the charts for half a year, was named album of the year, declared by Rolling Stones magazine to be the best album ever made by a female, and won so many awards across the globe that it would be ridiculous to list them all (7 Grammys would begin that list). So far, "25" has sold over 4 million copies - 3.8 million of those being in the first week. This is the highest number of first week sales the world has ever seen. It seems insane, unbelieveable, and crazy how someone can be so talented. Well ladies and gentleman, I'm here to tell you that her success is not crazy at all. She is deservingly adored. 

So, what is it exactly that everyone adores so much?

1. She’s famous, but not fame-outrageous.

Adele doesn’t seem to fill the tabloids with drama or nonsense. Since the release of "21" in 2011, Adele has been living a respectable life far out of the limelight. She has gotten married and given birth to a beautiful baby boy. Whereas other famous weddings have been broadcasted on television for publicity, attention, and money... I don’t even know who Adele’s husband is. It’s kind of cool to me, and to many, that despite her large amount of fame she refuses to let it take over her life.

2. She’s uniquely beautiful.

Adele defies the westernized concept of “beautiful.” She is shamelessly herself and has never once tried to change the way she looks to satisfy shallow critics of her appearance. It is refreshing to have a female in this society that proves beauty isn’t solely the exterior shell we wear, but more of a combination of values, talent, poise, and confidence. (Her winged eyeliner is also impeccable; I don’t think the world has ever seen such gorgeously lined eyes.)    


3. Her music is moving.

It's so moving that her album is sold next to Kleenex at Target. There’s a reason that “25” reached #1 on pre-sales alone, and that’s because Adele writes music that hits home for many of us – music we want to hear. “21” contained ballads of heartache including, “Someone Like You,” “Turning Tables,” “Rolling In The Deep,” and “Set Fire To The Rain.” So often, artists these days write songs about being famous, going to clubs, or having money. Adele doesn’t care about those things and knows that most of the world doesn’t either. We want music that makes us feel something, and Adele gives us that.

4. She is powerfully talented.

I will be the first to admit that I’ve tried to hit her notes in the car. Thankfully, the volume is turned up loud enough to mask my failure. Her voice is extraordinary and can universally be considered the most gifted of our generation. Like Brittany, Christina, Whitney, Beyoncé, or Madonna, Adele only needs one name to brand her. The most powerful women in the industry do.

5. She swears up a storm.

Please check out interviews with this woman because she is awfully hysterical and profane. You would never expect this when seeing her elegance and grace on stage, but there is no filter between what she thinks and what she says. It’s outstanding. The F bomb coming out of Adele just makes the word so much better. Maybe it’s her accent, but I think it’s more of her attitude. She doesn’t care what people think in the healthiest way and that’s why we love her so much.

All in all, Adele is adored for every reason that someone should be. May her success always reflect her beauty, passion, and talent. May we all aspire to be more like Adele and the incredible figure she is, not only in the music business, but in history all together.