Why Witch Hazel Should Be in Your Skin Care Routine




What is witch hazel and why is it trending?


Lately, I have been hearing that witch hazel is the key to several problems your skin may be having. Before recently, I had never heard of witch hazel. However, lately I have been hearing and now seeing it everywhere including Target and Sephora! I decided to try it out and had great results and I wanted to share with you!


First off, what even is witch hazel? Witch hazel is a botanical natural extract. When distilled and put into this little magical bottle, the benefits are amazing for your skin. I have incorporated this product into my nighttime and morning routine after cleansing and want to share the benefits!


  1. Toning

If you feel your face doesn’t have an even tone, witch hazel will be your BFF. The natural ingredients will work to make your skin more consistent after each use. Also with its astringent qualities your pores will tighten and appear smaller, um yes!


  1. Treating acne and acne scars

What I love about this product is that it is natural. Many times the key to treating acne are natural based products, especially if you’re sensitive. Witch hazel will help to remove oil which is amazing, but make sure you moisturize after! Witch hazel over time is said to decrease acne scars too. Yep it’s that great!


  1. Decreases redness

With witch hazel’s anti-inflammatory ingredients, it is perfect for calming your skin. Whether you naturally experience redness, or are sunburned, witch hazel is key for your skin to naturally relax.


Sometimes skin care products have infused witch hazel within it and also you can just get the pure astringent. Try it out and find out yourself the endless benefits of witch hazel!