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Why When Harry Met Sally Might Be the Greatest Rom-Com of All Time 

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When Harry Met Sally is one of the most classic romantic comedies ever, and could even be arguably one of the most classic movies. But what makes this movie so great after all? Here are my top reasons why you’ll never find another movie quite like it. 

  1. It’s real

This film has the most realistic dating scene I have ever seen in rom-coms made today. There's no cheesy “boss that’s unexplainably hot” trope like in Bridget Jones’s Diary (which is arguably one of the worst rom-coms ever made), or a kissing booth to raise funds for a school club as seen in Kissing Booth. When Harry Met Sally doesn’t set up the perfect world for dating, but rather the genuine and awkward and messy world in real-life dating. It shows the complexity of human nature, and that we don’t just fall in and out of love and magically find the one. Our emotions are convoluted and messy, and the film shows just that. 

  1. We get to see them grow from college students to marriage 

As Harry and Sally age, we get to see them go from fun and young college students with naive outlooks on love to mature and experienced adults with real-life jobs and apartments...still trying to navigate through love. The constant struggle of trying to distinguish the difference between platonic and romantic love perseveres and is shown effectively throughout the aging and given events throughout the film. 

  1. The fake orgasm scene

Best scene ever. YouTube it. 

  1. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal’s chemistry 

Not only did the two capture their characters perfectly, but they did it well together. Ryan portrayed Sally’s character as an uptight, tall, pretty blonde while Crystal captured his regular goofy yet popular and laidback guy. In a way, they did their characters so well that they created their own romantic couple trope that can be seen through couples in future films. Some of these are recognizable today, such as Monica and Chandler from Friends and Anna Scott and William Thacker in Notting Hill. 

  1. Sally is the ultimate fashion inspiration

Really though. The blazers, huge sweatshirts, gloves, hats, boots, the big suspenders paired with the oversize shorts—she really is the ultimate style icon of the 90s. Think Rachel from Friends but with a tomboy twist. 

  1. The raised question of, “Can girls and guys really be friends?”

During one of the first scenes of the movie, Harry and Sally are making a drive from the University of Chicago to New York. During the car ride, Harry makes the argument that a guy and girl can never truly be friends because “The sex will always get in the way.” He also adds that guys will only subconsciously be friends with girls he finds attractive. Sally seems to not believe this, as many of us viewers may think when the question is first brought to our attention. But the more I think about it, could it be true? 

  1. The soundtrack

Jazz, jazz and more jazz. New York in autumn jazz. Coffee jazz. Seriously, what more could you want from a soundtrack? 

Overall, the movie is the best rom-com for a multitude of reasons. From the realness of capturing the complexity of love life to the soundtrack and fashion choices, the next time you're looking for a movie, choose When Harry Met Sally.

Kaylee Sugimoto

Illinois State '24

A Washington/Oregon local trying to figure the midwest out. Illinois State University journalism major. The Vidette, WZND Radio, sometimes on TV-10, co-creator, editor, and music journalist for White Noise Zine. Beatles maniac, coffee enthusiast, and lover of a good romance novel.
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