Why We Need To Stop Skipping Over Thanksgiving


Okay, I love Christmas just as much as the next gal, but Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday that shouldn't be overlooked. We have all seen the October 31st vs November 1st memes, and as funny and relatable as they are, we should at least acknowledge Thanksgiving instead of pretending it doesn’t exist.


The way I look at it, Thanksgiving is just Christmas without the gifts. During Thanksgiving dinner, there is no rush to finish your food to open gifts, and the family is more present in what is actually going on. This holiday is all about being grateful for what you already have, not asking for what you don’t. Christmas can easily become a holiday all about materialism, and loses focus of what is truly important. In this case it is family, embracing their company, and simply having a good time with them.


As I’ve gotten older I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for Thanksgiving because it reminds me of how lucky I am. This is the time where everybody starts thinking about what they are grateful for. That’s why this holiday is so special; we take time to appreciate our family members while eating some delicious food. Every year I look forward to my uncle’s amazing stuffing and sweet potato casserole he makes and getting to see my family that I haven’t seen in a while. Especially now that I’m in college, I’ve never been more excited for Thanksgiving break because I will get to spend some genuine time with my family and just catch up.


Even if you aren’t that close with your family, I’m a firm believer that your friends can be just as, if not more meaningful to you than your biological family members. Last year, my first day of my new job was on Thanksgiving, so I couldn’t celebrate with my family. However, a couple weeks before my friends and I planned a friendsgiving and it was one of the best times we've ever had together. We all brought some food, told hilarious stories, and just enjoyed each other's company. We are doing it again this year, and I’m beyond excited for it because I miss all of them so much.


This year, take the time to truly be present with your family on Thanksgiving and realize how special that time is with them. Being in college, we are constantly focused on what’s next or what we did wrong in the past. Therefore, I plan to spend my break not worrying about the future nor the past, and simply be engaged in the now. Although I may be drinking a peppermint mocha and listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album while typing this, I just want to emphasize that Thanksgiving is just as deserving of the recognition that Christmas receives. Instead of camping outside of stores waiting to spend hours at the mall in preparation for Christmas, let’s try to spend some quality time with our loved ones this Thanksgiving.


Thanks for Reading, V