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Why Putting Yourself First is a Necessity

Trying to navigate our way into adulthood can easily result in forgetting to put ourselves first. Early twenties typically involve finishing up college, exploring different relationships, and becoming independent. Doing all of these things will become a whole lot easier when you put yourself first.


Not to be confused with being selfish or self-enamored. Being a helping hand to others and being a good person is something we should all do without question. But there comes a time where you need to focus on your own goals and needs before trying to make everyone else happy.


News Flash: There is no way to please everyone. And if there is, let me in on the secret.


Focusing on yourself and making you a priority will lead to success in all aspects of life. After all, driven people are more fun to be around than lazy people.

Others will notice your work ethic and motivation and will want to be around you.


When others view you as a role model or someone they aspire to be like, you will subconsciously work on yourself even more. Those who appreciate how much you value yourself can even help you grow as a person because they will be your biggest supporters.


A successful woman is never satisfied with where she is. A successful woman is always working on herself and becoming the vest version she can be.


While it is great to share your successes with others, it is not necessary. Approval from others is not needed, nor should it even be wanted. We should be comfortable knowing where we could use improvement and we should be confident in the success we have already attained.


Succeeding and failing is a part of life. Everything you do does not need to be announced for approval from others. The main thing that matters is how you view yourself. Are you a good person when no one is watching?


Putting yourself before others is necessary to live a full life. Doing so will lead to better mental health as well as the satisfaction that comes from within when you finally stop worrying about others opinions or making everyone happy before yourself.

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