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Why Balayage Is The Perfect Noncommittal Hairstyle For This Fall

Now that you have your fall boots, big sweaters and PSL’s, it’s time to give your hair a new do. Balayage, also known as hair painting, is the perfect go to hair style that will not leave you with empty pockets or an unnatural dye job. To put it in simpler terms, Balayage combines the effects of highlighting with ombre. To create a natural effect on your hair, stylists begin by adding highlights to your roots and then gradually adding more dye to the bottom of your hair.

Here are 6 reasons why balayage should be your go to hairstyle for this fall:

1. Roots won’t be as obvious. The hair stylist purposely dyes your hair in a non-uniform way. Since it is purposely done like this, it gives your hair color a more natural and blended look. As a result, when your hair starts growing out, it won’t be as noticeable. Victoria’s Secret model, Lily Aldridge rocks balayage by adding blonde to her natural chocolate brown hair. Starting at her roots you can see her normal hair color, with a few blonde highlights, turn into a natural-looking blonde.


2. Getting Balayage done is significantly cheaper than dying your whole head of hair. Although pricing varies depending on the location and salon, balayage costs less than a full dye job. For most people, completely dying your whole head can reach up to $150 or more. On the other hand, balayage will cost you on average 40 or 50 dollars less. When you are a women in college who needs a new dye job, this is best-case scenario.

3.  It is an easy transition into another color. If there is a certain color you have been wanting to try on your hair, balayage isn’t a dramatic change and it still gives you a whole new look. Also, if you want to transition from one dye job to another, this is a good way to begin. Take it from Jessica Alba, who used balayage to go from somewhat blonde to even blonder.


3. This hairstyle does not cause as much damage to your hair as a whole dye job would. Since you are not dying your whole head, nor will you have to come back shortly after to touch up your roots, this style choice will leave your hair healthier.

5. Balayage works for everyone. During this process, the hairstylist has their own freedom to “hand paint” your hair. This gives each person a unique look that a whole dye job or highlighting cannot do. No matter how long or what color your hair is, this style works for basically anyone. Who would have thought Kim Kardashian could pull off blonde balayage??

6.  The process takes less time. Since they do not use foils for your hair, the hair process in the salon will not be as long. On top of the first appointment taking less time, balayage will last for a few months therefore, preventing you from having to go back more frequently. In the long run, you will be cutting out a lot of time that would have been spent at the salon. 

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