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Marvel’s new movie, Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness, will be released in theaters on May 6th.

The title says it all, this movie is expected to be madness.

Sara Carte / Spoon

The Trailer

The end of the first trailer features an end-credit scene of Spiderman: No Way Home, where we see Dr. Strange go through a nightmare. In that nightmare, we see Rachel McAdams, who reprised her role as Christine Palmer. She’s shown wearing a wedding dress, but the wedding is expected not to be with Dr. Strange. Keep in mind, the two were love interests in the first Dr. Strange movie.

We then see Strange meeting up with Wanda Maximoff, played by esteemed actress, Elizabeth Olsen. They’re seen meeting in the woods where Wanda was left in the post-credit scene of Wanda Vision. They discuss the problems with the multiverse. You can expect chaos.

Also seen are Sorcery Supreme Wang and America Chavez. Expect this new character to break open all the multiverses.

In other trailers, Professor X can be seen played by his original actor, Patrick Stewart. This appearance could confirm the Illuminati in the marvel cinematic universe. In the comics, the Illuminati is a group of intelligent people from different groups of the multiverse. This breakthrough would be mind-blowing.

The theories

Now let’s discuss some fan theories:

Some people believe, Dr. Strange will have multiple variants, one of which includes, Sorcerer Supreme, as seen in the TV series, What If. This is very possible because we see at the end of the television series, Loki, the multiverse split open. We can expect to see multiple variants of every and any character. This even includes new villains breaking through into new dimensions.

Evil Wanda is expected to cause a problem in Multiverse of Madness. This evil Wanda may even end up killing Prof. X. Wanda is seen distraught in trailers claiming “it” was all her fault.

We know from the trailers that there will be an evil Strange in this movie as well. Some fans even theorize that Zombie Strange could up killing the real Dr. Strange.

There are so many things to expect when coming to this new release. Keep in mind that there are expected to be multiple deaths. Whether these deaths are of the real variants of characters is unknown. You can never tell if someone is actually dead in Marvel.

This movie will be one for the ages. It’s time to get your tickets to ensure you get the Marvel opening night experience. It’ll be one unlike any other.

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