What Not To Do During Spring Break



Spring break is the perfect time to take a week-long break from the books and get a little preview of summer. From the beach parties to the margaritas, there is no doubt your vacation will be one for the books. But before you start “yolo-ing" your week away, remember not to lose your wallet, phone or dignity during the time being. Here are a few things you should not do during spring break!

Don't take drinks from strangers


Cliche, but we've always been told this for a reason. Come prepared so you don't have to mooch off of randoms. And there is a difference between a hottie buying you a drink at a bar and a creeper handing you a sketchy water bottle on the beach.


Don't walk alone

You may be the disappearing act at school but a pretty girl walking alone in an unfamiliar city is a different story. Day or night, always be with someone!


Don't enter any type of 'contest' on stage

People take pictures… and those pictures will end up somewhere. If you would like a job in the near future, I would stray from the stage.


Don't bash your body

Spring Break is a time for fun and letting go! Don't waste time looking in the mirror wishing you would have done Insanity and ate like a rabbit the last month. Embrace your body!


Don't ditch your phone

Although it seems silly to bring your phone to the pool or to the beach where there's no reception, you're better off safe than sorry. Worried about it getting wet or lost? Well you're in luck! Spring break is one of the only times fanny packs are completely back in style.


Don't drink too much during the day

Drinking in the sun causes extreme dehydration, especially when you think that ice cold beer is quenching you. Drink in moderation and make time for some shade!


Don't pretend it is Girls Gone Wild

I'm sure you spent a good amount of money on your bathing suit so I'd hate to see it go to waste by coming off. That was so 2002, anyways.


Don't cry

Blame the vodka and tequila all you want, but we all know girls can find any excuse to cry. Whether it be someone spilled a drink on you or you’re still upset over the cheap Valentine’s Day gift your boyfriend got you, the tears will come. But honestly, who wants to be that girl ruining a perfectly good night with waterworks? Not you, I hope. Plus, nothing says buzzkill more than helping your crying friend in the bathroom stall of a club.


Don't splurge your money

Sure, buying everyone a round of shots may seem like a good idea in the moment, but the next morning you'll be grieving over your hangover as well as your bank account. Also, do not get that airbrushed hat or t-shirt. You will not wear it ever again, trust me.


Don't forget to call your mom or dad

Spring break AKA every parent’s worst nightmare. Ease that nightmare by calling them every so often letting them know that you're okay. Plus, nothing is scarier than a mother who is worried sick.


Don't ditch your friends

Spring break is known to be a trip that's usually planned with your best friends. You came together, you should stay together. I promise no matter what you're doing, as long as you’re with your clique, it's a guaranteed good time. 

Now that you know what not to do, make sure you drink lots of water, rest when you can, and make as many memories as possible!