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What am I? – Fall Edition

I lay hanging with my friends high above your eyes

In fall filling warm colors into your skies

My colors often contribute a reason

To why fall is many people’s favorite season

My arms sway through the wind and whistle aloud 

And when I fall brown I slip into a crowd 

I swiftly dwindle beneath all of your feet

Crunching to pieces among each street 

You see me each place in a different color and size

Always the same object, in a different disguise 

Brown, green, yellow and red are some of my preference

Although to my beauty it does not make a difference 

I may serve you some troubles as you rake my family and I into a pile 

You will still jump into my arms holding a smile 

I regret that although I leave shortly for each cold term

Every year I will come back, that is always firm.

I will not give you anymore grief

You may have guessed, I am a leaf.


Madison Zoot

Illinois State '21

Future Educator! <3
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