Valentines Day Care Package Ideas

If your Valentine is far away, the best way to show your love this Valentine’s Day is through the art of a care package. Deciding what should go in a care package is as hard as defusing a bomb. Everything that goes into that box must be the perfect balance between cheesy, romantic and funny. Even if you aren’t the craftiest person these items are the simplest of the simple, but of course very cute. Happy V Day!

  1. My Happy Place Frame

Some stencils, a map and a frame and you’ve a cute little frame for your loved one to hang up on their wall.

  1. The ABC’s of our Love

This item is more romantic, finding an attachment for each letter to your relationship takes a lot of thought and time so it means a lot. Plus, all you need is construction paper and a pen.

  1. Send them kisses

Grab some lip stick and paper, and give them as many kisses as you want. It’s the next best thing if you can’t give them a real kiss.

  1. Open when cards

These cards range across the board. They can be cheesy, sexy and funny. Whenever you think your loved one needs any type of pick me up these are always there to help.

  1. Candy & Snacks

Load up the box with candies like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or give them a bag of their chips like Cool Ranch Doritos. Either way no matter what you put in the box, food makes everyone smile.

  1. A Canvas

A beautiful quote can go a long way for a person. Whether its “distance means so little, when you mean so much” or a simple “ I love you”. Canvases are easy to make and have a huge meaning.

7. A Heartfelt Card

Taking the time to pick out a card that has meaning takes time and a lot of thought. Once you have the perfect card with the best reference or joke its time to get writing. Now is the time to write down all of the mushy cheesy stuff you wouldnt say every day. Knowing that your significant other is going to see the card and laugh then open the card and get the biggest smile on their face possibly tearing up is a great feeling to have. Happy Valentines Day!