Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for During a Pandemic

It’s crazy to think that Valentine’s day is right around the corner; it’s been harder to remember how close it is given we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. Usually there are flowers, candies, stuffed animals and much more basically being shoved in your face in every store you are walking in, granted it always makes me happy to see. Since being in a pandemic, it will be difficult to celebrate the way people normally do. However, I have come up with some fun and romantic ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day all while staying safe. 


  1. 1. Make a Romantic Dinner at Home

    A couple sitting at a table with two glasses of wine playing Jenga. The blocks are knocked over.

    Although going out to eat may not be available this year, this is your chance to cook up your guy’s favorite meal. Each of you can make a dish and set up a table as if you are out on a romantic dinner date. If cooking is not your thing, see if one of your favorite restaurants does take out and take it back to eat at your intimate dinner table.

  2. 2. The TikTok 4 Course Meal Trend

    On TikTok right now, friends and couples are going out for a 4 course meal, but not in the way you think. Two people play rock, paper, scissors and whoever wins gets to pick out that course of the meal and they drive to the restaurant to get takeout and eat it in their car. The 4 courses they do are drinks, appetizers, entree and dessert. This is a great way to get out of the house for a little bit while getting favorite foods from different places for your 4 course meal.

  3. 3. A Wine Tasting at Home

    people holding snifter glasses

    Since it is a bit chilly still and some wineries are closed it is hard to get in a fun wine tasting. This is finally a good excuse to grab more than 2 bottles of wine without getting an odd look from the cashier. Grab as many bottles of wine as you want to try and get your wine glasses ready. If wine isn't your thing, try becoming a mixologist for a night! Find some fun drink recipes to try, or try and recreate your favorite cocktail.

  4. 4. Do a Photoshoot

    For a fun activity for the night, get some disposable cameras and take pictures the whole night. You could set up a little backdrop and get some cute photos, or go on a trip and take pictures. To step it up, you could even make it into a photo book for a nice couple keepsake.

  5. 5. Book an AirBnB for a Night Away

    If you are tired of being cooped up at home, take a mini trip away and stay at an AirBnB. You could find one in your local community or go a little further to get out of town. There are plenty of places to go. If you decide to travel further, you could even get takeout from a restaurant you have never tried or explore the town you are in for a bit.

The best part of all these ideas is that they could all be done in the same night. You can mix and match with some or add your own special twist to make your Valentine’s Day in a pandemic one to remember forever.