An Unpopular Opinion About Bella Thorne

This past weekend I was dragged to the movie theater by some friends to see the movie “Midnight Sun”. The film starred Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger in a teenage romance that followed a young girl who has a life-threatening sensitivity to sunlight and her positive impact on a boy who needed some guidance.

As cheesy as it started, by the end of the movie all four of my friends and I were bawling our eyes out. I won’t drop any spoilers but I definitely recommend this movie if you were a fan of the movies “Me Before You” or “The Fault in Our Stars”


In the midst of the tears streaming down my face, I took note of Bella Thorne’s acting performance and how it really moved me. And then I started to wonder, Why DON’T people like Bella Thorne?


Personally, I grew up watching her dance with Zendaya on Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up” (all hail Queen Zendaya). Since then, Thorne has been in a lot of movies and shows, from Disney Channel specials to horror movies like “The Babysitter” and “Amityville: The Awakening”.

For her personal life, there have been many stories released about her cheating on partners, dating people for fame, abusing drugs and drinking underage, and a few about her “just being plain weird.”


Come on guys, I mean how many times have we seen the paparazzi start rumors or stretch the truth just to get a good story out? At least once a month I see a Twitter hashtag trending about the death of a celebrity that is indeed, not dead. And even if the stories do hold some truth, that is her business and nobody else's! 

Let us also remember that Ms. Thorne is 20 years young, which is the age of majority of us women in college. And I know that there are some 20 year olds out there who have experienced their fair share of drinking and partying too! Let’s not be hypocritical here.


After posting a twitter post sharing her personal story of sexual abuse, she was even criticized if it was even true. I mean c’mon girls, that is NOT what the #MeToo movement is about!

I am not saying that she hasn't done questionable or offensive things in the past, but we need to remember that everyone make mistakes sometimes, especially when you are in the spotlight 24/7. Y’all remember 2013 Miley Cyrus? She was breaking out of her “Disney Reputation”, going through a heartbreaking break-up, and was just trying to figure out who she was and her place in this world. We stayed with her and have watched her glow up to the Feminist Queen she is today. And maybe that freedom is just what Bella needs too.