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Tuesday How To: Wrap Braclet

Looking for cute fall accessories but sick of paying full price?
Try this DIY bracelet. It’s inspired off a look of the Chan Luu bracelets, but those can cost you up to $250.00!! Yes, I’m serious. This look was recreated and only costs about five bucks! All you’ll need are some about two dozen beads, 3 yards of string/ribbon, and two small elastic ponytails, (like the ones you use for tiny braids).

Step one: Cut the string into three equal pieces, each about 29 inches long.
(you’ll need to wrap the bracelet around a few times)

Step two: Braid the ribbon until you have about six inches of braid.

Step three: Start braiding in the beads by feeding them through the middle strand, then tightly braiding the two other strands around it. Keep feeding beads until you have six inches left.

Step four: Continue braiding and secure with second elastic ponytail.


How simple was that?
All you have to do is wrap it around your wrists a few times and tie a knot! This bracelet would look great with a lot of different colors. I suggest trying brown ribbon and gold beads for fall! You can also use a less shiny ribbon if you’d like as well.

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