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Tuesday How To: Quote T-Shirt

This homemade trendy t-shirt is a great way to spend time with your girls over Christmas break!
Give them out as gifts, or keep them for yourself.
These t-shirts are an awesome project to do and will fill that extra time over break.


What you’ll need:
Elmer’s Blue Gel Glue
(Plain white glue will NOT work)
Fabric Dye
A white t-shirt, dress, tank top, or any other clothing you want!


Step 1:
Wet your tee with cool water and place a water resistant board (such as the top of a plastic bin) between the layers of fabric.

Step 2:
Design: Draw whatever on your clothing.
Try lyrics from your favorite songs or your favorite quote.

Step 3:
Let it dry completely. This will take a few hours


Step 4:
Prepare a dye bath. Your dye bath should be prepared using cool water. Experiment with different amounts of dye until you find the right concentration. Keep in mind that the color that comes out of the dye bath will be a couple of shades darker than the dry, finished garment.

Step 5:
When you get the color you want, lay your garment flat to try.
Step 6: When your tee is dry (to let the dye set) soak it in cool, soapy water for about 15 minutes. This soak washes the extra glue out. Throw it in the washer (alone) and dry as you would normally.


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