Trendy Lunch Spots in Chicago

Trendy Lunch Spots in Chicago


If you’re like me, you love finding cute places for some food and wine. Now what if I told you a couple places I love to go to that are not just yummy, but Instagram worthy!? Here are a few of my favorite lunch spots in Chicago!


Cindy’s Rooftop Bar



This has to be one of my all time favorite spots to go in the city. This rooftop bar is the perfect spot for mimosas or some lunch. On top of that the bar has a beautiful view of Millennium Park. Whenever people ask me where to go in Chicago for a cocktail, I always say Cindy’s first. Only thing is, the place is always packed, but for a reason! They do take reservations online, so plan ahead!




THIS restaurant is one of the trendiest spots I personally have been to in the city. Mahalo is a modern Hawaiian restaurant in Wicker park. One step in and you feel like you are on a vacation. With amazing cocktails to choose from and unique dishes, you’re guaranteed to have a mini staycation during your visit.


3 Arts Club Café

This is probably one of those cafes you have seen on social media, and tried to figure out what it is. When you walk in you will feel instantly transported to a high end home décor magazine. The place is beautiful with chandeliers and unique seating. I wouldn’t go here if you are super hungry, but for a trendy spot for some wine, coffee or a snack, it is perfect.


Tavern on Rush

If you find yourself shopping on Gold Coast I highly recommend trying this place out. Especially on a summer day, the outdoor patio is beautiful for a breezy lunch. The lunch menu primarily consists of sandwiches and salads. This place is a go-to that everyone will enjoy in your group.



I hope you enjoyed reading some of my recommendations for lunch spots in Chicago! Enjoy!