Top 6 Apps Every ISU Student Needs

If you like food delivered right to your door, tons of student discounts, and actually knowing when the bus is coming, you've come to the right place. These are the top six apps that all Illinois State students should have in order to enhance your college experience:

CrunchbuttonHaving one of those nights where you REALLY want Chipotle but you don’t want to get out of bed? Crunchbutton can help. This company delivers from places that don’t, including McDonald’s, The Rock, Panda Express, and more. The best part is that the minimum amount to spend is only $10, which includes tax, tip, delivery fee, and purchase. Bonus: you can put the code “AlexISU” in the notes section to get your first meal delivered to you at no extra charge. Bless.


Papa JohnsWith so many RSO’s on campus having their own unique code to get a discount while benefiting their organization, you’ll probably be getting pizza at every meeting you go to this year. This is awesome, because who doesn’t love pizza? Anyone in the area can use codes such as ISU1 to get 40% off their purchase while giving 10% of the profit back to an RSO.

Insomnia CookiesWhat college experience is complete without getting warm, fresh cookies delivered to you at 1 a.m.? Insomnia has cookies that are debatably better than your mom’s homemade chocolate chippers, especially considering they’re ALWAYS fresh out of the oven. We recommend this option over setting your kitchen on fire trying to drunkenly bake cookies.



DoubleMapThink you know the bus schedule? Think again. In my third year here, I have yet to meet someone who actually knows when the Nite Ride is coming and where it’s going. DoubleMap shows you when all the different routes are leaving, displays every stop, provides the times of when the bus will get to a stop, and shows you exactly where the bus is at all times. Life saver.

RoverTownThis app is basically Groupon for college students. It's completely free  background:white">and already has over 30 completely digital deals on ISU's campus, including Best Buy, Flat Top, Medici, and more. It'll use your location on your phone to find deals near you at the time and all you have to do is tap redeem and show the cashier. It's super easy and you don't even have to spend 8 cents to print coupons at Milner. Does anyone actually do that? You don't have to anymore. You're welcome.


Illinois StateISU finally has a super useful app for everything going on around campus. With a complete list of events, alerts, and updates on campus, students have an easy way to stay connected. You can download up to 15 different guides on the app. Students can keep track of their meal plan, see what’s being served at the dining center, schedule appointments at the career center, check sports schedules, and more.